// Cash Cow | [1.8-1.12] | [Holograms] \\ 1.2.14

Create a game of battling over the public money source. Wait and be rich but risk losing it all.

  1. Bug fix

    Fixed a bug on the off chance you're running this on an offline computer just for use on LAN.
  2. Debug Fix (Whoops)

    Typing /cc was supposed to be a help menu not a server broadcast of "moo". Lol whoops my b guys.
  3. Better Default Cow Texture & Autoupdate

    Added a better default cow texture along with a better tutorial on how to change it yourself. Also implemented an autoupdating (and backing up of) config and notifier for plugin updates in console (it's not gonna spam you every time you join the server don't worry).
  4. Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug when placing an item with custom display name. It would spam console. Now it doesn't. You're welcome.
  5. Console Spam Fix

    Fixed a console spam pointed out to me by insanerc. Thanks!
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  6. Mini Bug Fix

    Dont you worry don't you worry childddd cause heav..... those are lyrics but really don't worry about it. I fixed another bug involving distances when in different worlds.
  7. config.yml change. "All s turn into $" is now by default disabled

    Updated the config.yml to by default have "all s turn into $" toggled off. It can definitely get annoying and for people that don't check the config, it's no good.
  8. Soon To Come Update

    Added "Allow server to run commands instead of players themselves" & "Allow keys to be a one time use rather than useable forever"