Casino Plugin 2.3

player-managed-signs, dice, slots and more soon :)

  1. Introducing blackjack signs and fixes!

    Welcome to version 2.3

    This version is adding new blackjacks signs and a couple of bug fixes! Thank you for over 150 Downloads :)
    • bugfixes
    • new command /casino help blackjack - get information about how to place a blackjack sign
    • new blackjack signs (BETA)
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  2. new features and new command

    Welcome to version 2.2

    This new version is adding a requested feature + 2 new commands, which can be very useful and I also fixed the version bug.
    • bugfixes
    • new command /casino sign disable - disable your player sign while looking on it
    • new command /casino sign enable - enable your player sign while looking on it
    • new command /casino roll [minimum] [maximum] [player...
  3. Introducing player managed signs

    Welcome to version 2.1

    Hello guys, with the new version 2.1 I'm happy to introduce player managed signs - signs from players for players. You can create your own dice games and other players can play on them and the owner will get the bet and will also lose money if the player wins.

    • new permissions
    • new commands
    • player managed signs (dice games)
  4. new Feature: SIGNS

    Welcome to version 2.0

    Hello guys, this is the first major update for this plugin. I hope you'll have a lot of fun with the new feature!


    new features:
    • Slots-Signs
    Now you and your players can play Slots on signs! It's easy to configure and to use! If there are any problems, feel free to contact me on Discord or send me an e-mail.
  5. hotfix and version checker

    Welcome to version 1.2

    new Features:

    • version checker
    This version is just for fixing some bugs and a hotfix. See you in the next version. :)
  6. new features and new config system

    It's important to delete your config.yml and restart the server so that the new config system work.

    Welcome to version 1.1b

    new features:
    • new config system (it's mostly working in the background (BETA!) to prevent deleting config.yml if there is a new version)...