Casino Skript - JackPot 2021-04-08

Casino Skript - Every 10 minutes it draws a winner among all participants

  1. TheItalianDude
    Native Minecraft Version:

    This is a simple JackPot/Casino skript.

    By running "/casino" a GUI will be opened.
    You can bid up to 1,000,000 money.
    Every 10 minutes if the participants are more than 2 the server will select a random winner.
    The more you bid the bigger is the chance to win.
    All the players that bidded will be displayed in "/casino", and when the space run out, the skript will create another GUI to display all the participants.
    If you want to remove all the participants from the casino you can always run "/resetjackpot".

    If you have any questions you can always DM me on discord: