CatchMe v1.4.1

CatchMe if you can!

  1. FuzzyStatic
    CatchMe is a fun server-wide game of tag. When two or more players are on your server, one person will become IT. Who ever tags (right-click) that player gets a random stack of an item! A player cannot be IT no sooner than 5 minutes after a previous player has been caught.

    • catchme.catchee
    • catchme.catcher
    • catchme.catchwho
    • catchwho
    Use /catchwho to see who is currently IT.

    catchee: '&c is IT! Catch (right-click) them if you can for a random reward!' // &c will be replaced by the catchee name
    caughtCatchee: You've caught &c! Congratulations! Have a reward! // &c will be replaced by the catchee name
    noCatchee: There is no one to catch right now!​
    minPlayers: 2 // Minimum number of players for game to start
    timeBetweenRounds: 300 // In seconds
    tag: ' [IT]' // Suffix to show next to catchee
    allow: true
    Latest release for 1.5.2:
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  1. Minor changes
  2. Nametag Suffix
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Recent Reviews

  1. UnpluggedDK
    Version: v1.4.1
    Hi Mate,
    Love this plugin.
    Though im afraid adding it on my publick server.
    Wich random stacks can a player get, can i deny some of em.

    Commandblocks, lava, tnt, etc. ?

    Even better, there should be a long list of every item and how much u get.

    log: 64
    Diamond: 10
    dirt: 500
    (would take a long time i guess)
  2. xwestZC
    Version: v1.3
    Great plugin!
    Good support :D
  3. xwestZC
    Version: 1.0
    Good idea and Great plugin!
    You can work in 1.5.2 ?
    1. FuzzyStatic
      Author's Response