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Categories for PermissionsEx

  1. Rocco
    Another Plugin!!!

    Categories for PermissionsEx!
    It's here! For 1.8! Categories! Compatible with the newer version of PermissionsEx, you can now have Groups inside Groups! Set up your category and go!

    Commands and Permissions
    Only 1 Permission: permc.command

    • /permc create <name> - Creates a category
    • /permc addg <Category> <Group> - Adds a Pex Group to the Category
    • /permc addp <Category> <Permission> - Adds a Permission to the Category
    • /permc delg <Category> <Group> - Removes a Pex Group from the Category
    • /permc delp <Category> <Permission> - Removes a Permission from the Category
    • /permc prefixa <Category> <Prefix> - Adds a prefix to the Category - EVEN COLORED!! -
    • /permc prefixd <Category> - Removes the prefix of the Category
    PLEASE DON'T TOUCH THE CONFIG If you find any bugs, please PM me.

    If you want to buy me a beer, click here
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