Category Warps v1.8.2.1

A new Cleaner more Fancy Warp Plugin for your Minecraft Server.

  1. BadBones69
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    BadBones69, _Sam

    Welcome to the Category Warps plugin. With this plugin, you can create warps and add them to categories. You can make a category called Prison and add all of you prison warps to it so it looks much nicer than random warps everywhere.

    Please review this plugin to tell me what you think of it. If you run into any bugs please do put it in a review but instead please put it in the discussions tab so I can fix the problem <3.

    This plugin overrides all of the Essentials commands and does not import any essentials warps and will have to put all warps back.

    /WarpHelp - Lists all of the Warp Commands.
    /WarpList - Lists all of the warps in their categories.
    /Warp <Warp Name> - Warps the player to the warp they desire to go.
    /SetWarp <Category> <Warp Name> - Sets the warp in its category.
    /DelWarp - Removes the warp from the server.
    /WarpReload - Reloads the Config.yml.

    CategoryWarps.WarpHelp - /WarpHelp
    CategoryWarps.<CategoryName> - Allows players to view the warps in that category in the WarpList.
    CategoryWarps.<CategoryName>.<WarpName> - Allows players to warp to those warps.
    CategoryWarps.WarpList - /WarpList
    CategoryWarps.Warp - /Warp
    CategoryWarps.SetWarp - /SetWarp
    CategoryWarps.DelWarp - /DelWarp
    CategoryWarps.Reload - /WarpReload

    As seen if you have the permission CategoryWarps.WarpList then you can see the categories but it says "You do not have permission to see these Warps!" as seen on line 4. if you have permission to that category then you can see the warps but they will be red meaning you don't have permission to use that warp as seen in line 3. if you have permission to that warp then it will turn gold as seen on line 2. This is all configurable the messages and what color they are in the Config.yml




    Teleport Particles
    When a player teleports they are greeted with a particle effect. There are two different once that the server can choose from. The Smoke and Sparkles particles.








    This plugin is a recreation of Advanced Warps. All code in this plugin was written by me and no one else. I did not buy his plugin and I did not steal code.
    Link to his plugin:

    Default Config.yml
    Code (Text):
    # Plugin made by BadBones69
    # Spigot Page:
    # Essentials Color Code is Enabled in Warp Message.
    # Use %Delay% for the Delay Time in the Warp Message.
    # Use %Warp% for the Warp Name in the Warp Message and WarpListFormat.
    # Use %Category% for the Category Format and WarpListFormat.
    # Use %Deny% for where you deny in the Warp List

        PerWarpPermissions: true
        PerCategoryPermissions: true
        TeleportDelay: 3 # In seconds.
        WarpMessage: '&7You are now warping to &6&l%Warp% &7in &c&l%Delay% &7Seconds.'
        WarpPrefix: '&0[&cWarp&0]&7: '
        ListWarp: '&6List of all warps and categories.'

        CategoryFormat: '&0[&2%Category%&0]&7: ' # This becomes %Category%
        NoPermWarpFormat: '&c%Warp%&7, ' # This becomes %Warp% if the player does not have permission to that warp.
        HasPermWarpFormat: '&6%Warp%&7, ' # This becomes %Warp% if the player has permission to that warp.
        WarpListFormat: '%Category%&8[%Warp%&8]'

        DeniedCategoryFormat: '&cYou do not have permission to see these Warps!' # This becomes %Deny%
        WarpListCategoryDeny: '%Category%&8[%Deny%&8]'
        #Please use for the Teleport Particle.
        TeleportingParticle: Smoke
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Recent Reviews

  1. AngheloXT
    Version: v1.8.2.1
  2. CraftrDoinBetter
    Version: v1.8.2.1
    Really good!
    But, can you please explain in more depth HOW and WHERE in the files you give players permissions to use warps but not create warps?
  3. Phoned_Leek25
    Version: v1.8.2.1
    AMAZING Plugin and very easy to use. Though i can't figure out how to let people who are not op use warps / set which ones don't need op.. :/
  4. Laur3n_
    Version: v1.8.2.1
    Its must be da bezt warping plugins :)
    But i think if it has more settings like title or time waiting, it'll be perfect :)
    Dat was just my opinion , thx u for coding this pluginssss!!
  5. CreeperCry04
    Version: v1.8.2.1
    Great plugin! But wait what's this.... on the PayPal link Plymouth, Indiana, Usa... hehehe #Indiana4Life lol
  6. PurPLeEPiC
    Version: v1.8.2.1
    Very well-made plugin! I just started using it today and I absolutely love it!
    But plis add time bypass for staff
  7. Metro-MC
    Version: v1.8.2.1
    Very well-made plugin! I just started using it today and I absolutely love it! It's one of the best warping plugin out there!
  8. dangerORclose
    Version: v1.8.2.1
    Waiting verrrry looong for this update but it did solve the ingame problems. The plugin is working like it needs and is the best warp plugin out there!
    1. BadBones69
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Sorry for the wait.
  9. dangerORclose
    Version: v1.8.2
    This is one of the BEST warp plugins out ther if its not the BEST plugin.
    But you does not take time to fix youre plugin errors.
    We can not create a warp so we can not warp. This plugin is continuous making error reports.
    1. BadBones69
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Well you need to report the bugs to me in the discussion page and ill fix them. I do take time to fix my plugins. If you look I am on fixing bugs all the time. Post your errors in the discussion page.
  10. KiritoHellWolf98
    Version: v1.8.2
    this is really nice plugin and i love it but i been getting when it warps a player it will start spamming them with the msg that say Teleport cancelled do to moving! and i look and can not find out why and the player has to leave then rejoin or i have to reload the plugin plz help thxs for taking you time to read this and i still love this plugin.
    1. BadBones69
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Strange ill look into it.