Cauldron Brewing 1.0

Allows players to brew potions GUIlessly in a cauldron. Optionally more potion modifiers.

  1. Minecraftmage113
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Minecraftmage113 (AKA Mindarius, Hoohoo2)
    This plugin allows players to brew potions by throwing their ingredients into a filled cauldron.

    It has the following config options:
    multiMod - If true, more than one modifier (such as glow/redstone) can be placed on each potion
    gemMod - If true, enables gemstone modifiers (diamond/emerald, more potent versions of the base modifiers)
    imbue - if true cauldrons must be imbued by right clicking them with a blaze rod and 30 levels

    Note: Cauldrons placed before implementing the plugin won't function until either broken and replaced or imbued even if imbue is set to false.

    Additional Note: Some potion names will be different from normal (such as water breathing being renamed to 'Gills' if made in the cauldron), that's intended. If there is voiced desire that cauldrons only give vanilla names I will switch it to a config option.

    How to use the mechanic:
    Place a cauldron
    (If imbuing is required) - right click on the cauldron with a blaze rod and 30 levels of experience (both consumed)
    Fill the cauldron with water. If it is imbued the water will boil.
    Drop ingredients and modifier ingredients into the cauldron.
    Use a glass bottle to obtain your potion. Note: if you don't have both nether wart and an effect ingredient in the cauldron it will yield a water bottle.
    Use a water bucket to refill the cauldron. Note: Refilling a cauldron will clear any modifiers in the cauldron.

    If you break a cauldron it will not drop contained items (it does track them, if enough interest is shown I will make drops configurable)

    All vanilla recipes are available, there are no custom recipes beyond modifiers. Ingredients show the following particle effects:
    Imbued Cauldron - bubbles
    Splash - popping bubbles
    Lingering - portal
    Diamond - magic crit
    Emerald - Happy Villager (emerald)
    Nether Wart - shows color
    effect ingredient - sets color
    glowstone - saturates color
    redstone - fades color.

    Diamond acts as a more potent amplifying regeant which does not decrease duration. Emerald acts as a more potent extending regeant.

    How to change the config:
    Launch the server, then stop the server. You will now have a "Cauldron Brewing" folder with a "config.txt" file in it. You can only effectively edit this file while the server isn't running. If you try editing it while the server is running then reloading it will instead overwrite the config file with the running config.
    The config file is composed of lines with "<name of option> = <value of option>". It is recommended that you only change the section I titled <value of option> to "true" or "false". Any other change may cause unintended consequences.

    I will post source code if requested, but as of right now it will be easier to me to simply post the jar.