Cauldron Crafting 2020-06-12

Craft Things Using Cauldron

  1. RichardX_
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    This Is A Plugin Request

    - View All Recipes
    - View Single Recipe
    - Craft Using Cauldron
    - Need To Throw Items In Order

    - Particle
    - Custom Item Output
    - Input Order

    Future Plans
    - Custom Input
    - Better Performance?
    - Better Particle
    - Reload Command(Currently Not Working)
    - Shape/Shapeless Recipe

    /Cauldron Create <NameID> <Particle/Paticle..> <Material/Material...>
    NameID: The ID This Recipe Store In
    Particle: Use / To Sperate Different Particles
    Material: Use / To Sperate Different Materials

    /Cauldron Help
    /Cauldron Recipe <NameID>

    /Cauldron View All
    Bring Up A GUI To Look At All The Recipe

    - Cauldron.Help
    - Cauldron.Create
    - Cauldron.Recipe
    - Cauldron.*
    - Cauldron.View
    - Cauldron.Reload

    There Should Be Lots Of Bugs, Please Report Them In The Discussion Section

    Check Out

    This is a Much Better Plugin Than this :p