Cauldrons 1.1

Add some extra functionalities to cauldrons

  1. deantonious
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    Ever wanted to turn cauldrons into useful blocks? Cauldrons adds some new features to your old boring cauldrons like recycling your unused materials! This will fit perfect on your SkyBlock server!

    ▐▄▌ Features
    • Turn your inventory trash into useful items/blocks
    • Set your own transformation rates
    • Only one command to rule them all
    • Multilingual and translate friendly
    • Configurable actions to open the gui

    ▐▄▌ Commands

    • /cauldrons reload - Reloads the main config file.

    ▐▄▌ Permissions

    • cauldrons.use - Permission to use the cauldron menu
    • cauldrons.reload - Permission for the reload command

    ▐▄▌Basic user guide (only pics)


    Code (Text):
    menu-title: Compost Cauldron
    menu-title: Compost Cauldron
    recylce-button: '&2Recylce'
    no-water: '&9Add some water to recyle your trash!'
    no-items: '&cNo items to recycle!'
    working: '&cThis cauldron is already in use!'
    open-action: RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK
    sneak-to-open: true
        input: SEEDS
        amount: 64
        output: DIRT
        input: SAPLING
        amount: 32
        output: DIRT

    ▐▄▌ Known bugs/Notes

    [Bug] No bugs found yet. I you have any suggestion/issue, please post it on the discussion tab :)

    ▐▄▌ TODO List

    //TODO: Add new recipes and different cauldrons
    //TODO: Add more features :D
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Recent Updates

  1. Config opening action
  2. Fixed config defaults!

Recent Reviews

  1. Ktreus
    Version: 1.1
    FINALLY a plugin to make cauldrons useful! I'll try to use this plugin as a new way to make potions
    1. deantonious
      Author's Response
      Thanks! That's a cool use for it! I'll add an option to change the block inside the cauldron :)
  2. Edoras
    Version: 1.1
    Useful and interesting. The plugin works perfect and the author helps us whenever we need.

  3. Dniwe
    Version: 1.1
    Great Idea, but can u add multi-craft? for Example:
    input: a:(amount),B:(amount),C:(amount),D:(amount)
    It will be a more flexible system
    Anyway 5 strs <3 (Sry for my Eng)
    1. deantonious
      Author's Response
      I'll add some custom cauldrons on future updates with different crafting recipes and configurable uses :D
  4. AIpha_Dragon
    Version: 1.1
    A unique idea. I have not even met that one yet. Cool plugin. You can do a lot for your server with this plugin.