CBot-S Teamspeak Bot [Unmaintained] 1.5

A feature rich teamspeak bot now available at SpigotMC.org!

  1. Cerus
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Cerus aka. ItsCodix
    Languages Supported:
    Included: English, German
    I will no longer provide updates or support for this resource.

    What Is CBot?

    CBot is a Java written Teamspeak bot based on the Teamspeak API of TheHolyWaffle. A full documentation of the original CBot version can be found here. (The english documentation of CBot is at the bottom)

    Changes In Version S
    CBot-S is a fully recode of CBot plus its a Spigot plugin. I do not maintain the original CBot version any more, because I've got no ideas what I could implement next. I hope this will change with this version.

    Feature List
    Green = Implemented
    Magenta = Kinda works / A bit broken
    Red = Not implemented yet, but planned
    Gold = Premium version / Planned feature for the premium version

    Create own Bot Commands with text output
    Update checker
    Lots of commands (and more are planned)
    Very big config
    -------Customizable prefixes
    -------Greeting message
    -------Customizable messages (EN / DE)
    -------A few placeholders (PlaceholderAPI support is planned)
    -------Changeable Bot name and bot description
    -------Channel in wich the bot will join

    -------Plugin info can be turned on and off (Basically that the bot was made by me)
    Server GUI / Client GUI
    [Premium] Top Teamspeak User NPC's (Only works in 1.8.8)
    Verify system
    Support system
    API with module system

    Commands + Permissions
    /cbot - Main Command, will display a bunch of informations
    /cbot help - Will display all available commands

    For the CBot commands you need the permission cbot.command, excluding /cbot without any arguments. The subcommands kickclient, banclient, moveclient, startbot and stopbot got some special permissions: cbot.kickclient, cbot.banclient, cbot.moveclient, cbot.startbot and cbot.stopbot.

    Setup Guide
    1. Download this resource and drop it into your plugins folder
    2. Start the server
    3. Edit the config file
    3.1 Change the query-login section
    4. Restart or Reload
    5. Enjoy it!

    Theres this section in the config file:
    1. Copy the test command and paste it under it OR change the test command to your wishes
    2. Save and restart / reload

    The Verify system allows you to verify your users. You can turn it on or off. If a user verifies his UUID and Teamspeak identity, he will get a Teamspeak rank.
    1. Change the teamspeak-group id to your prefered group id (You can find your servergroup ids under Permissions > Server Groups
    2. Save and restart / reload

    State-Channels allows you to dynamically update channel names and channel descriptions. You can currently use five placeholders: %mc-current-players%, %mc-max-players%, %mc-tps-0% (Current TPS), %mc-tps-1%, (TPS 5 minutes ago), %mc-tps-2% (TPS 10 minutes ago), %mc-version%, %cbot-version% (Installed CBot-S version), %cbot-latest-version% (Latest CBot-S version), %cbot-downloads% and %cbot-uptodate%
    You can also customize the update interval. It looks like this on the teamspeak server:
    and like this in the config:

    Config Explanation
    language: Sets the language. Currently you can choose between de (German) and en (English).
    command-symbol: Sets the command prefix for bot commands. Default is '!' (Example: !verify)
    prefix: Here you can change the prefixes. The defaulz prefixes are formatted in some kind of Unicode, I will fix this in later versions.
    host: Sets the ip address on wich the bot will try to connect to.
    port: Sets the query port. Do not change this unless you know what you are doing.
    virtual-server.use: Select wether PORT or ID. Default is ID.
    virtual-server.id: Your virtual server id. Default is 1.
    virtual-server.port: Your server port. Default is 9987.
    flood-rate: If your bot runs at the same machine the Teamspeak server is running on, you can set it to UNLIMITED. If not, leave it by DEFAULT.
    query-login: Login data for the query.
    welcome-message: Self explanatory.
    commands: I already explained that at Setup Guide > Own Bot Commands
    verify-system: I already explained that at Setup Guide > Verify System
    state-channels: I already explained that at Setup Guide > State-Channels

    Developer API
    Setting up the project:
    1. Create a new project and implement CBot-S as a library.
    2. Create a main class and extend CBotS_Module.
    3. (Optional) Implement the onModuleEnable and onModuleDisable methods.
    4. Create a file named module.cbot in the src or resource folder.
    5. Write the module name and your main class path into it. It should look like this:
    Code (Text):
    name=Your Module Name
    6. Compile and put it into the plugins/CBot-S/Modules folder.

    Can I implement the Spigot API and work with it?
    Yes, you can. You dont need to create a plugin.yml or a class wich extends JavaPlugin. If you want to register listeners use this method:
    Code (Java):
    Bukkit.getPluginManager().registerEvents(new YourListenerClass(), SpigotMain.getInstance());
    If you want to create teamspeak listeners use this method:
    Code (Java):
    SpigotMain.getInstance().getBot().getTs3Api().addTS3Listeners(new TS3EventAdapter() {
                public void onClientJoin(ClientJoinEvent e) {
                    //Do stuff
    If you want to create Spigot commands use this method (Note that the command class needs to extend BukkitCommand and note that the registerCommand() method is only available in the main class):
    Code (Java):
    registerCommand(new CommandClass("command"));
    Some general methods
    If you want to create bot commands use this method (Note that the command class needs to extend Command from the de.cerus.cbotspigot.teamspeak.objects package):
    Code (Java):
    SpigotMain.getInstance().getCommandManager().registerCommand("command", new YourCommand());
    You can access mostly everything over the SpigotMain class. The Bot itself is accessable over the SpigotMain.getInstance().getBot() method.

    TODO List
    - Fix prefixes in config
    - Implement /cbot clientgui
    - Finish API
    - Implement support system
    - Implement your suggestions

    Known Bugs
    I dont know a single bug! Isnt that great?

    German Tutorial by @Tutorialwork (Thank you ManuGun! <3)

    Coding Lifestream

    50 Downloads - [X]
    100 Downloads - [X]
    250 Downloads - [X]
    3000 Downloads - [ ] (If we reach 3K Downloads, @Lukaesebrot will change his name to Kaesebrot :D)

    Premium Version Note
    The Premium Version can be buyed at my discord server. If you buy the premium version, you need to send me your server ip adress. Then I will hash it and load it into my database. After that, you can restart your server and the premium features will be available.

    Terms Of Service
    You are allowed to use this bot on your server.
    You are not allowed to sell the bot.
    You are not allowed to steal large pieces of code of the bot. Learning by looking at the sourcecode is okay.
    Please do not write any bugs in the reviews. Report bugs at the 'Discussion' section or on my Discord server.


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