CC ArmorStands 3.0_1.8.3

allows players to lock, protect and pose Armorstands

  1. GrandpaMizery
    Versions compatible with Minecraft 1.83 will have '1.8.3' appended to the end.
    Check version history for correct download
    This plugin will allow players to lock an armorstand so that it can only be used by the player that locked it. The UUID of the player who locked it and the and the armorstand that they locked are stored in an SQLLite database. The armorstand is automatically removed from the database upon removal from the map.
    After placing the armorstand, interaction is done by holding right clicking while holding either a wood axe for locking or unlocking, or a wood pickaxe for posing.

    Locking the armorstand. Makes it so the armorstand can only be used and posed by the player who locked it.
    If you right click on the armorstand with a wood axe you will toggle whether the armor stand is locked to you or not.

    Posing the armorstand The player can exit out of the conversation at any time by tping"exit" in the chat box.
    If you right click on the armorstand with a wood pickaxe you will receive a text prompt: What would you like to pose?
    valid entries(case sensitive without the quotes) are:

    1. "vulnerable" - This will toggle the armorstands vulnerability. If the armorstand is invulnerable it can not be
    damaged by mobs, creeper explosions or arrows. No further entries required.
    2. "gravity" - This will toggle gravity on an off. If gravity is on the armor stand will drop when the block below it
    is removed or when a piston is retracted. Nofurther entries required.
    3. "vis"(visibility) - This will toggle the armorstands visibility. No further entries required.
    4. "
    base" - This will toggle whether or not the armorstand has a baseplate or not. No further entries required.
    5. "
    arms" - This will toggle whether or not the armorstand has arms or not. You can only put an item in the armorstands hand if it has arms. No further entries required.
    6. "size" - This toggles the armorstands size between being normal size or being small like a baby zombie. No further entries required.
    7. "name" - This will allow players to add a custom name that will be displayed over the top of armorstand.
    8. The following are for posing various stand parts. After you enter an appropriate body part you will be prompted to
    enter a value between 0 and 180 degrees to position the part. valid entries for stand parts are.
    a) "
    hf"(head rotate forward), "hb"(head rotate backward), "hl"(head rotate left), "hr"(head rotate right), "hsl"(head lean to the left), "hsr"(head lean to the right).
    b) "
    laf"(left arm swing forward), "lab"(left arm swing back), "lau"(swing left arm up), "lad"(swing left arm down), "latl"(twist left arm left), "latr"(twist left arm right).
    c) "
    raf"(right arm swing forward), "rab"(right arm swing back), "rau"(swing right arm up), "rad"(swing right arm down), "ratl"(twist right arm left), "latr"(twist right arm right).
    d) "
    llf"(left leg swing forward), "llb"(left leg swing back), "llsl"(left leg swing left), "llsr"(left leg swing right), "lltl"(twist left leg left), "lltr"(twist left leg right).
    e) "
    rlf"(right leg swing forward), "rlb"(right leg swing back), "rlsl"(right leg swing left), "rlsr"(right leg swing right), "rltl"(twist right leg left), "rltr"(twist right leg right).

    • armorstand.*: Gives access to all armorstand commands.
    • armorstand.vulnerable: Gives access to the vulnerability command.
    • armorstand.gravity: Gives access to the gravity command.
    • armorstand.visible: Gives access to the visibility command.
    • armorstand.base: Gives access to the base visibility command.
    • armorstand.arms: Gives access to the arms visibility command.
    • Gives access to the armorstand naming command.
    • armorstand.pose: Gives access to the armorstand posing commands.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Chiaration
    Version: 2.3
    Epic Plugin! I love the size pose !! It makes it sooo cute :3
    Could you add permissions to who can change the pose?
  2. angelus76
    Version: 2.3
    nice plugins

    but i can't use this with bungeesuitchat :(
    if i write "arms" in chat, the parameter was not listen with plugins chat

    possible the parameter use " \ "
    Exemple : \arms , \110 ... ?

    Sorry for my bad english i am french :D
    1. GrandpaMizery
      Author's Response
      With the way Bukkit conversations work this is not possible.