cCensor 0.0.7

Remove swear words and bad language from chat, works straight out of the box.

  1. s3duratech
    Easy server chat filtering.

    cCensor removes swear words and bad language from chat. Its fully configurable so you can add and delete words as you wish.

    If someone could produce the appropriate censored list this would also work for non English servers.

    Replaces words on censored list (censored.yml) with configurable replacement.

    For Example :

    "badword" becomes "!%#*@?X"


    "Hello badWorD" becomes "Hello !%#*@?X"

    Screen Shots

    Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 21.51.24.png
    Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 21.53.39.png
    Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 21.54.38.png
    Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 21.56.21.png

    Inception Story

    I couldn't find a Chat filter that a) worked and b) was lightweight and not full of bloated features I personally didn't need.

    No offence meant to the heavy weight filters out there I just didn't need the extras and I have very modest server HW.

    So as a long time coder (this no high school experiment / project) I decided to create one.

    This has been running brilliantly on my own Spigot server ( for nearly 3 months now.

    Anyway here it is I hope you find it useful.. if you do please post a review if you have issues, feature requests, ideas or bug reports then also please feel free to leave a comment.

    If possible though please let me respond to comments prior giving a bad review..


    Place the cCensor.jar into your plugins folder and reload. Simple that's it. Configuration can be tweaked once cCensor is operational no need for server restarts.

    Commands / Permissions

    Permissions are ccensor.command

    ccensor.* for Admins

    Special permission

    ccensorx.dontcensor (this group / user won't be censored)

    /cCensor on

    Turns on cCensor.

    /cCensor off

    Turns off cCensor.

    /cCensor reload

    Reloads cCensor config files.

    /cCensor mute

    Toggles mute for all chat.

    /cCensor message

    Toggles display of the Player warning message when censoring applied.

    /cCensor muteresponse

    Toggles mute of entire chat message when censoring applied.

    /cCensor censoredonly

    Toggles replacement of entire chat message with [CENSORED] when censoring applied.

    /cCensor censored

    Toggles prefixing of chat message with [CENSORED] when censoring applied.

    /cCensor add <word>

    Adds <word> to list of censored words.

    This change is written to the censored.yml configuration file immediately.

    /cCensor remove <word>

    Removes <word> from the list of censored words.

    This change is written to the censored.yml configuration file immediately.

    /cCensor list

    Displays the list of currently censored words.

    /cCensor info

    Displays cCensor configuration and censoring stats.

    /cCensor setColour <&code>

    Sets the default chat colour prefix in & format.

    Players will need permission to use coloured chat for this to work.

    /cCensor setColour

    Will remove the colour prefix.

    /cCensor setMessage

    Sets the warning message displayed when censoring applied.

    Default is 'This is a PG server, please don't use profanity'

    /cCensor set Censored

    Sets the Censored prefix / message.

    Default is '[CENSORED]'

    If coloured chat is enabled you can use & colour codes here.

    /cCensor setStars

    Sets the character string used to mask the profanity.

    Must be 10 chars min, don't use REGEX special sequences.

    Use bukkit colour codes with care..!!

    Default is '‘!%#*@?X!%#*@?X!%#*@?X!%#*@?X!%#*@?X"

    Configuration Notes


    Main config file is read at start up and written at shutdown.. so only edit the config.yml on a shut down server.. or your changes will be overwritten on shutdown.

    A default config.yml will be created when the plugin first loads.

    config.yml is saved prior to the cCensor shutting down or restarting.


    A default censored.yml will be created when the plugin first loads.

    You can edit this with game running. To reload the modified file use:

    /cCensor reload

    Anyone want to make a video guide..?

    All feedback appreciated. Thanks s3duratech..

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Recent Reviews

  1. cowdogfriends1
    Version: 0.0.7
    good plugin it censors the bad words witch is what I wanted but you can't change the config so I will have to mark this plugin down for that
  2. giorgibarsa
    Version: 0.0.7
    terible plugin, can save config files this is vary bad,,, i cant disable chat &7 !!!!
  3. agronaque512
    Version: 0.0.7
    Great plugin, nice idea, simple to use and many possibilities but impossible to change de configuration. (after reload, it seems to update himself and re-change your configuration by default)
  4. devioursoul
    Version: 0.0.6
    Happily using this plugin duo to simplicity and colours
    Going to make a quick video for it within the next few days.
  5. Matt02
    Version: 0.0.4
    This plugin is excellent. It's really good because it blocks out bad words and makes it so you do not have to clear chat. It can keep servers as PG.
  6. PixelzKitty
    Version: 0.0.4
    I really like this plugin because it works straight away without me having to do anything, the commands are really easy and straight forward and allows me to add my own words that aren't already in the plugin, it's really light weight, I can't see any added lag.