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Add shooting stars to your Minecraft server! ✨

  1. Idrees
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    Celeste - Add shooting stars to your Minecraft server
    Celeste is a simple plugin that adds shooting stars to your Minecraft server. Inspired by the shooting stars from Animal Crossing and the falling stars from Breath of the Wild, this plugin brings some celestial ambiance to your Minecraft world.

    • Add shooting stars to the night sky, with configurable frequency
    • Find rare falling stars that deliver precious materials in a sparkling package
    • Watch meteor showers that occur every new moon, increasing the rate of shooting and falling stars
    Shooting stars with a falling star in the upper left corner (note: frequency increased here to 120 a minute)

    Shooting stars
    Shooting stars occur once every 10 seconds by default (6 times a minute), but due to how large the area around a player is, you would usually only see one every few minutes unless you were stargazing. They have no functional purpose and are only there to sparkle and look pretty. To more accurately emulate real-world meteors, these virtual shooting stars vary in speed, length, and can even break up into multiple parts while burning up!

    Falling stars
    Inspired by the star fragments from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, these rare stars are fall from the sky only once or twice a night! They are marked by a streak of light and resonating sound as they fall towards the earth, and once they land the stars spark and sizzle for 10 seconds by default to help players find them. They can be easy to miss, with players only knowing one has fallen by the distinctly resonating sound they make on impact. But if a player is lucky enough to find one, they may receive a rare treasure as well as some experience! This loot is completely customizable, and the documentation for that can be found further below.

    In-Depth Functionality
    Shooting stars and falling stars spawn on a per-world basis. This means that the number of players in a world does not affect the spawning rate. When either type of star is given a chance to spawn, the plugin will find a random player within that world and center the spawn in a large radius around said player, in order to avoid sending stars to unloaded chunks where they would never be found. Additionally, the worlds that shooting and falling stars can spawn in must meet the following conditions:
    • Must have players in the world currently
    • Must be nighttime (between 13000 and 23000 in-game time)
    • Must be clear weather (no rain or snow)
    • Will not spawn in the nether or end
    Installation is as simple as copying the newest build jar to your plugins folder. A configuration file is created by default, but if the file was created previously it may not include default values that were added in later updates. If this is the case, you only need to copy the lines over to the config from the listed defaults in order to change them.
    Here are some things you can configure:
    • How many shooting stars and falling stars appear per minute
    • Whether shooting or falling stars are enabled (enabled by default)
    • The items that drop from falling stars, including the amount of exp
    • Whether to enable meteor showers on nights with a new moon (enabled by default)
    • The frequency of shooting/falling stars during meteor showers
    • The volume of the falling star sound, and whether it should be played
    • And many more minor settings
    To view the config defaults and see the docs, check out the GitHub write-up here

    Falling Star Loot
    Falling stars drop loot wherever they fall, and spark for 10 seconds (200 ticks) by default to show their location. The loot they drop is randomly selected from the loot table in the config, with each material being given a weight. For instance, in the default config, there is a 60% chance for a diamond, 20% of an emerald, and a 20% chance of a fire_charge. Experience also drops from falling stars, 100 points (not levels) by default.

    To define your own loot tables, add the falling-stars-loot attribute to your config and list each item you want as well as the probability for it to appear. The names of the items must be from the list provided here. Remember to only add materials available in your server version!

    Documentation on setting up the config is available here

    /shootingstar [player] summons a shooting star in the sky directly above the player. If no player is given, spawns one above the summoner.
    Permission: celeste.shootingstar
    /fallingstar [player] summons a falling star directly above the player. If no player is given, spawns one above the summoner.
    Permission: celeste.fallingstar
    /celeste reload reloads the config file, recalculates the falling star loot, and checks for updates (if enabled)
    Permission: celeste.reload
    /celeste info displays if shooting stars, falling stars, and meteor showers are enabled
    Permission: celeste.info
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Recent Reviews

  1. Akrill
    Version: 1.51
    A simple and fantastic plugin that adds so much in terms of atmosphere. I would definitely reccommend as is.

    I have some features I'd like to see in a new version for the falling star loot:
    - Ability to set any entries (single or multiple) to always drop
    - Guarantee at least one of multiple entries to drop (either X, Y or Z etc will always drop)
    - Set and randomize item drop amount (e.g. 3 or 1-8)
    - Ability to customize experience drop like above
    - Support custom item drops (from plugins like Mythic Mobs)

    Tip to my fellow reviewers, try this plugin with Dokucraft's sky textures. You won't be disappointed
  2. Bojang
    Version: 1.51
    superb plugin, works perfectly and has lots of potential, i have added it to my server lobby, creates a beautiful effect. I would love to have the ability to only enable the plugin in certain worlds and to disable loot entirely (currently using command blocks to remove the xp and drops). even without this i love this sort of plugin. good job dev
  3. Oathkeeper
    Version: 1.51
    Excellent work! Adds a beautiful bit of atmosphere and lore to my server's RPG map. Fairly customizable!
  4. Glitchette
    Version: 1.51
    Celese makes the world feel more alive, and adds a neat little touch to the sky. I have one request though; Is there a way you could add custom items to loot tables? I'd like to use MythicMobs for example to make a "Star Fragment" which can be obtained from falling stars exclusively to make a certain item
  5. DomMatrix
    Version: 1.51
    Very beautiful plugin, gives great Aesthetics to my server 5/5 stars from me!!!!
  6. ScuroK
    Version: 1.51
    What a cute plugin! well done :)
    it would be awesome to have an option to send players a actionbar message when a star falls near them.

    Like the "make a wish" message but in the actionbar and not only on manually summoned stars but also if a star falls in a certain radius of a player :D just an idea
    1. Idrees
      Author's Response
      Not a bad idea! I may add that in a future update, disabled by default of course so as to not change behavior for people upgrading.
  7. Minestick
    Version: 1.5
    Very cute aesthetic/gameplay addition to your SMP server. Run smoothly without bugs. Thanks for the good work!
  8. Tellmen
    Version: 1.5
    Summoning fallingstars and shooting stars for specific players is the best. Thanks!
  9. Hilltin
    Version: 1.5
    Such a unique plugin, it's the little details in a world that matter! This makes the night sky more beautiful!
  10. Redraskal
    Version: 1.4
    Wow this is perfect for a survival server! Very unique as well, I have never seen this before.