Cenotaph 4.8

A Dead Man's chest plugin for Bukkit Save your players' inventory from disappearing when they die.

  1. 1.13 Cenotaph update

    This is for 1.13 and up ONLY.
    For 1.12: Use 4.7 and older.

    You need to use the 7.0 versions of WorldGuard and WorldEdit with this plugin.

    Add a New Config option: oneBlockUpCheck

    Cenotaph will normally only check the world around the player for chst placement. But if they are standing on a carpeted floor, it will fail to find a good place for the chest. This check will allow Cenotaph to look one block up for a...
  2. Added Monetary support and WorldGuard

    I reviewed the code from a pull request and it looked correct.
    I also took the opportunity to update some build libraries to move the plugin forward.
    I will be testing this plugin for the 1.13 release.
    If anyone wants to test to make sure the new options are welcome feel free!
    Let me know or make a pull request on GitHub.

    New Permission:
    cenotaph.nocost - Allow the player to not pay for the chest.
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  3. Lockette fixes

    [Version 4.6]
    - Fixes for lockette/deadbolt by LlmDl
    - Add locketteSign to saving and loading in tombBlock database, fixes auto-unlocking chests.
    - Fix explosions destroying chests before lockette/deadbolt signs can be placed.
    - Fix for lock time-out not showing properly on the message sent to players who just died and made a deathchest.
    - Fix for explosion-deaths' cenotaphs not being saved to the database.
    - Disable breaking the sign above chests if the chest is still locked by...
  4. TnT vs Cenotaph

    Fixed TnT destroy's cenotaphs being left in the list.
    Also added the ability to protect a cenotaph from being destroyed by TnT

    Just add the Core section
    tntProtection: true​
  5. Fixed npe with Lockette/Deadbolt support

    new method should prevent the NPE from happening.
  6. Fixing Chest checking exceptions

    Hopefully this will be the last of them (I probably just jinxed myself)
  7. Fixed Empty Chest check

    Updated check for Empty check to not error.
  8. Updated to support LWC 4.5

    For LWC 1.8 support, chests will now clear their temporary lock.