Plugin for Detect Ads and More.... Good Protection for your Server.

  1. Small Bugfix with Commands

    Small bugfix
    • Fixed commands and permissions.

    Thanks for using CENSOR RELOADED.
  2. Small update and bugfixes

    Small Update for all users:
    • Fixed: Command /censor: Command show bad commands !
    • Rewrited AntiSpam to best solution of check !
      • AntiSpam now detect same messages !
      • Small Config changes:
      • Code (YAML):
        : '&8[&eCENSOR-RELOADED&8] '...
  3. CensorReloaded is back with new support !!!!!

    Hello all users who using CensorReloaded, plugin is back with new support !

    Plugin is completly rewrited, you must remove your configs and saved badwords.

    • Added advanced url filter with dns protection.
    • Added advanced ip filter protection.
    • Added clearchat with advanced features.
    • Added simple antispam.
    • Added capslock detection.
    • Added new checking badwords method.
    For looks features you can on wiki:
    Link here:...
  4. Small Update for You <3

    Please re-create your config and create backup old config.

    Important change
    Now bad words are in text file name of file you can change in config default setting on badwords.txt

    All Detection now works in the worlds you specify you can change worlds and remove worlds in config.

    PerWorldWorking example down....
    Check updated config in main page of this plugin... on spigot.

    • BadWords now in text file. badwords.txt
    • Added custom metrics...
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  5. BigUpdate - Changes|Fix

    Hello, all users of this plugin - There have been significant changes in the form of detection of all forms.

    Please delete your old config and create new config.

    • Added SpecialCharacters detect
    • Added Czech Characters detect.
    • Removed DNS_REGEX now this working on DNS_WHITELIST and DNS_BLACKLIST in config.
    • Removed WEB_REGEX now this working on WEB_WHITELIST and WEB_BLACKLIST in config.
    • More bugs repaired..... Thanks for new inovation...
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  6. Small Update #2

    Small update for this plugin.

    Update your config and create backup_old config.

    Plugin now working only on 1.13 Version, because for plugin you must ProtocolLib.

    Download ProtocolLib latest dev version for 1.13 - Click Here

    + New include Protecting your plugins with advanced blocking.

    Plugin now can blocking more command:
    • /plugin
    • /?
    • /about
    • /a
    • /ver
    • /version
    • /pl
    • /bukkit:a...
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  7. Small Fix

    Small Fix update:

    + Fixed Metrics
    + Add Enable Button for Metrics into config.yml

    Thx for using CensorReloaded. :).
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  8. Small Update

    New Update 3.9-BETA

    Please delete your old config and create backup_old config.

    + Included Metrics System
    + Changes in Config.
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  9. Big Update for This Plugin

    Hello all users of this plugin.

    Please Delete your old Config...

    Plugin have more changes.
    + New Core System for Plugin
    + New AntiSpam Detection
    + New Caps Detection
    + New Dns Detection
    + New IP Detection
    + New WEB-URL Detection
    + Support for new Version 1.13 - Aquatic Update

    more improvements will be made.. Soon.....
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  10. New Support for 1.12

    - Added new command /cen ccg , /cen ccglobal
    - Added new support for 1.12.2
    - Fixed bugs
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