cFreeze [UPDATED] 2015.10.28 v1.2

cFreeze is a simple and lightweight freeze plugin!

  1. cFreeze [UPDATED] 2015.10.28

    [​IMG] CFreeze Plugin.

    About Plugin:
    cFreeze is a simple and lightweight freeze plugin that allows server staff to effectively moderate/administrate their server.

    /Freeze <Name> - Freezes and unfreezes a player
    /Freezeall - Freezes the entire server, disables people without permission from talking, moving.
    /Cf-reload - Reloads the config

    cFreeze.freeze - Permission to freeze a player
    Freeze.seelogger - Permission to see when a frozen player logs out
    cFreeze.freezeall - Allows permission to do /freezeall, join the locked server, and talk while the server is frozen.


    Allow you to freeze/unfreeze from the config file ADDED IN v1.2

    Not move AT ALL when look around enabled

    Add an exemption permission

    Set what you want to do to a player when they log while frozen PARTIALLY DONE IN v1.1

    Feedback is greatly appreciated, feel free to shoot me a PM or drop a comment. Do the same for suggestions as well.
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