ChAdmin 1.0.0

Dead plugin

  1. xXSKHXx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Hello! Welcome to ChAdmin, your ultimate Chat Manager/Administrator! I have already packed this with the necessary tools needed like a Chat muter, an Anti-Advertiser, an Anti-Swear, and a little bit from my other Plugin ClearYourChat (Basically used to clear other players chat, their own chat, or the global chat)

    ChAdmin is my continuation of ClearYourChat, that being said, ClearYourChat will only be updated when there are API updates with Spigot :(. But do not fear! ChAdmin inherits what ClearYourChat can do!
    **Commands can be ran as console!**


    1. /chadmin - Displays commands and purposes

    2. /chadmin mutec - Mutes the chat!

    3. /chadmin unmutec- Unmutes the chat!

    4. /chadmin globalc - Clears global chat!

    5. /chadmin selfc - Clears your chat!

    6. /chadmin playerc - (PlayerName) - Clears the specified players chat!

    7. /chadmin version - Shows current information about the version (Authors, Social Media)

    8. /chadmin reload - Reloads config.yml file (Holds AntiSwear words)


    (If not Perms plugin is used, all of these are OP only)

    All commands: chadmin.*

    1. /chadmin - chadmin.chadmin

    2. /chadmin mutec - chadmin.mutec

    3. /chadmin unmutec - chadmin.unmutec

    4. /chadmin globalc - clearyourchat.globalc

    5. /chadmin selfc - clearyourchat.selfc

    6. /chadmin playerc (PlayerName) - chadmin.playerc

    7. /chadmin version

    8. /chadmin reload - chadmin.reload

    **Further Details And Expectations:**

    1. Update Plugin as much as possible and add in-game heads-up on updates

    Servers Running this Plugin to see it:

    1. My Own of course, CrispyCraftPvP: (I Use No-IP, Since Its hosted on PC, the server might not be online)

    **Don't forget to comment your Server IP or an IP that uses this Plugin! I'd Love to join It and it to the list!**

    Congrats, you have read the whole description. No literally, this is the end (Yea, I know I copy and pasted ClearYourChats description :p).