ChainArmor 1.2.1

Craft chain armor

  1. xMihai01
    I'll solve the bug (You can't craft any items if you don't have the chainarmor.* permission) in 1.2.2, please set enable-permission to false until i solve the bug.

    This is my first plugin xD

    What does it do?

    Allow you to craft chain armor with wool instead of fire

    Commands and Permissions

    /chainarmor | reload the config.yml (chainarmor.reload)
    Craft permission | chainarmor.* you can disable the permission in the config!


    2015-07-22_19.48.31.png 2015-07-22_19.48.36.png 2015-07-22_19.48.25.png 2015-07-22_19.48.14.png

Recent Updates

  1. 1.2.1 Update
  2. 1.2 Update
  3. The plugin is now optimized!

Recent Reviews

  1. versiuxP3
    Version: 1.2
    Add permissions please?
    It would be really useful for users who donate to the server.
    And as a reward in some events etc..
    1. xMihai01
      Author's Response
      I'll start working to a new update tomorrow!