Challenges | Supports 1.8-1.15 3.0.2

Configure over 400 different challenges for your players to complete!

  1. Moozter
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.15
    Challenges allows you to configure over 400 different challenges for your players to complete. Players will be notified through chat when they complete each stage of a challenge, and they'll be able to claim rewards for completed stages at any time through the GUI. This plugin also allows you to customise just about anything!

    Every feature is tested before being released, but if you still run into issues you can message me privately here. Do not report issues in the review section, you will be redirected and ignored until you use the proper support routes!


    First time downloading?

    This plugin uses vanilla statistics to track challenge progress, so any statistics that were incremented before installing the plugin will be used for challenge progress. To reset all statistics, delete the folder named "stats" in your main world folder.

    Additionally, this plugin collects some data using bStats. You can read more about it at


    /challenges - Opens your GUI


    This plugin has no permissions

    1. Download Challenges.jar
    2. Place the download in your server's plugins folder
    3. Start/restart the server

    Colour codes are supported for any string value using this character: &

    Code (YAML):
    : true
    : 1000
    : 0
    : '&aChallenges'
    : '&a%challenge %stage'
    : '&rCOMPLETE'
    : '&r%progress'
    : '&aRewards'
    : '&aUnclaimed rewards'
    : '&r%reward'
    : '&aYour challenge progression has been loaded!'
    : '&cYour challenge progression isn't loaded yet!'
    : '&aYou completed %challenge %stage!'
    : '&aYou claimed rewards for %challenge %stage!'
    : 1
    • check-for-updates Determines whether or not the plugin should check if a new version is available. This will not automatically download updates.
    Changing these values has not been tested!
    • increment-checker-frequency Determines how often (in milliseconds) the plugin should check for player challenge progression. Increasing this value may improve performance, specifically on servers with more players and/or using more challenges.
    • executor-max-pool-size Determines how many threads the plugin's executor can use simultaneously. The executor is used for loading/saving player data. Limiting this value may improve performance on smaller servers.

    All placeholders only work in the values they are demonstrated in
    • %challenge Replaced by the name of a challenge
    • %stage Replaced by the player's stage for a challenge except in the GUI when at the maximum stage, in which case replaced by value at challenge-complete
    • %progress Replaced by a player's progression for a challenge
    • %reward Replaced by a reward (claimed or unclaimed) for a challenge
    • title Appears at the top of the GUI
    • challenge-title Appears at the top of each challenge
    • challenge-complete Appears in place of a stage when the player i at the maximum stage
    • challenge-progress Appears under each challenge
    • title Appears under any challenge that has rewards when the player is not at the maximum stage
    • unclaimed-title Appears under any challenge that the player has earned rewards for but has not claimed
    • reward Appears under either rewards-title or unclaimed-rewards-title for each reward
    • progress-loaded Appears when a player's challenge progression has been loaded
    • progress-not-loaded Appears when a player attempts to open the GUI when their progression hasn't been loaded
    • stage-complete Appears only in a player's chat when they complete a challenge stage
    • rewards-claimed Appears only in a player's chat when they claim rewards

    The plugin may use this value to automatically update configuration files in the future, changing this value may break this functionality.

    Code (YAML):
    name: '&rGroup Name'
    : <item>
    : '&rChallenge Name'
    : <item>
         - <requirement> [reward]
    : '&rAnother Challenge Name'
    : <item>
         - <requirement> [reward] [reward]
    This plugin will attempt to read any yml file (excluding config.yml) inside of the "Challenges" folder as a challenge group. To create a new group, simply create a new yml file in this folder and configure it using the examples and guide below.


    Two example group configurations will be created if the plugin doesn't find any existing group configurations. These are only intended to be used as examples to help you configure challenge groups, so they probably won't be a good fit for a public server.

    Group Configuration
    • name - The name of this group's item in the GUI
    • item - The item to use for this group in the GUI
    Challenge Configuration
    • <challenge_id> - Replace this with the statistic you would like to track for this challenge
    • [sub_challenge] - If the statistic being tracked is typed, replace this with the entity/item/block you would like to track for this challenge. Don't miss out the - character between the challenge ID and sub challenge!
    • name - The name of this challenge
    • item - The item to use for this challenge in the GUI
    Stage Configuration
    • <requirement> - Replace this with the number of increments players must achieve to complete this stage
    • [reward] - Replace this with a reward
    Reward Configuration

    Command rewards - cmd=<command_line>,[gui_preview]
    • <command_line> - Replace this with the command you would like to be executed, replacing spaces with underscores. You can use %player here to get the name of the player claiming this reward.
    • [gui_preview] - If you would like this reward to preview in the GUI, replace this with the text you would like to preview and replace spaces with underscores.
    Experience rewards - experience=<amount>
    • <amount> - Replace this with the amount of experience you would like to give the player claiming this reward. This does not correspond to levels!
    Item rewards - item=<item>,<amount>,[meta1],[meta2]...
    • <item> - Replace this with the type of the item you would like to reward.
    • <amount> - Replace this with the amount of the item you would like to reward.
    • [meta] - Replace this with meta
    Item Meta Configuration

    Item names - name=<item_name>
    • <item_name> - Replace this with the name the item should have, replacing spaces with underscores
    Item lore - lore=<lore>
    • <lore> - Replace this with the lore the item should have, replacing spaces with underscores. To start a new line, use this character: |
    Item enchantments - <enchantment_id>=<level>

    Unless a statistic specifics that it requires a substatistic (e.g. mine_block-<block>), do not configure it with one.

    • damage_dealt
    • damage_taken
    • deaths
    • mob_kills
    • player_kills
    • fish_caught
    • animals_bred
    • treasure_fished
    • junk_fished
    • leave_game
    • jump
    • drop (drop-<item> for 1.9+)
    • mine_block-<block>
    • use_item-<item>
    • break_item-<item>
    • craft_item-<item>
    • kill_entity-<entity>
    • entity_killed_by-<entity>
    • talked_to_villager
    • traded_with_villager
    • cake_slices_eaten
    • cauldron_filled
    • cauldron_used
    • armor_cleaned
    • banner_cleaned
    • brewingstand_interaction
    • beacon_interaction
    • dropper_inspected
    • hopper_inspected
    • dispenser_inspected
    • noteblock_played
    • noteblock_tuned
    • flower_potted
    • trapped_chest_triggered
    • enderchest_opened
    • item_enchanted
    • record_played
    • furnace_interaction
    • crafting_table_interaction
    • chest_opened
    • pickup-<item>
    • sleep_in_bed
    • shulker_box_opened
    • damage_dealt_absorbed
    • damage_dealt_resisted
    • damage_blocked_by_shield
    • damage_absorbed
    • damage_resisted
    • clean_shulker_box
    • open_barrel
    • interact_with_blast_furnace
    • interact_with_smoker
    • interact_with_lectern
    • interact_with_campfire
    • interact_with_cartography_table
    • interact_with_loom
    • interact_with_stonecutter
    • bell_ring
    • raid_trigger
    • raid_win
    • interact_with_anvil
    • interact_with_grindstone
    • target_hit
    • interact_with_smithing_table

Recent Reviews

  1. bugzigus
    Version: 3.0.2
    It's a pretty good plugin. Would love to have some sort of placeholder support. I wish I could add skyblock levels as an challenge. Overall, it's a fantastic plugin, with great support. Thanks for making it!
  2. Snail_5_
    Version: 3.0.2
    This is an excellent plugin that meets exactly what I was looking for. Although I've encountered an issue with it, the developer was incredible fast to respond and aid me in resolving the issue. 10/10 would recommend.
  3. MoneyPvPYT
    Version: 3.0.2
    I'll give the 5th star once I figure out how to let the GUI show more than just the 4th stage. I have 10 stages and the gui stops at 2500 instead of 100000. is there a fix or can I only have the 4 stages?
    1. Moozter
      Author's Response
      Add me on discord (andy#9667), I can help you out more there.
  4. Swilt_
    Version: 3.0.2
    It's a shame not to have more help in the beginning.
    I find the reward configuration quite odd.
    Something simpler would have been better, even though it's borderline perfect right now.

    Some things don't work properly on my plugin in terms of rewards.
    Also, every other time I have to claim rewards.
    Otherwise nothing is displayed and you have to click on it to claim the reward.

    it's a pity, it's a plugin that remains quite simple and very easy to use. Everything I'm looking for!

    - Matéo
  5. GranduYT
    Version: 3.0.2
    hello i love this plugin, but i need to talk with the autor 5 minutes, my discord is [GM]Grandu#6184
  6. weekenzieYT
    Version: 3.0.2
    Very good plugin I've seen other plugins wanting a reload command I would like that too or a way the plugin refreshes the menu every so often. Overall good plugin :)
  7. bezmaturnik
    Version: 3.0.2
    Nice alternative for Advanced Achievemenets. Its really easy to create custom category. You have to add reload option and will be perfect
    1. Moozter
      Author's Response
      Thanks. I'm looking into including a reload command in the next update. You can read my response to server075's review for more detail.
  8. server075
    Version: 3.0.2
    How to reload this plugin for updates? cant do /challenges reload. Over i like how this plugin looks first day of using it so will update my toughts here later.
    1. Moozter
      Author's Response
      Reloading hasn't been added yet because it would likely cause lag spikes. The next update will require something similar to a reload anyway so I'll see what I can do.
  9. ChaoSKiz
    Version: 3.0.2
    Plugins can run version 1.12.2 author ?

    1. Moozter
      Author's Response
      It should be able to. If not you can either message me here on on the support discord.
  10. Raishi
    Version: 3.0.2
    I would love to see a wiki or something where people could post and share their challenges for others to use.