Chameleon Disguise 0.2

A minimalistic disguise plugin which utilises the Chameleon API

  1. Nogtail
    Chameleon Disguise is a minimalistic disguise plugin which allows you to disguise as any player with that or another players skin. This plugin was originally created as a proof of concept and example of using the Chameleon API.

    There is no configuration, all you need is a server with the latest version of Chameleon and ProtocolLib.

    The only command this plugin has is /cdisguise (/disguise before 0.2) which performs different functions depending on the arguments:
    • No arguments (/cdisguise) removes the current disguise.
    • Single argument (/cdisguise <tag and skin>) sets the senders tag and skin to the name given.
    • Two arguments (/cdisguise <tag> <skin>) sets the senders tag to the first argument and sets the skin to the second argument.

    The /cdisguise command has the permission "disguise.use"

    You can create interesting players by using different skin/tag combinations:

    Dinnerbone with MD_5's skin:

    deadmau5 with MD_5's skin:

    Developers developers developers developers

    The main purpose of this plugin is to be an example of using the Chameleon API and the source is located here.

Recent Updates

  1. Command Change and Length Limit

Recent Reviews

  1. AD_27
    Version: 0.2
    Dinnerbone and deadmau5 skin specification don't work but the tag changer work :p
    EDIT: that work but i don't see ears and upsidedown in first person only
  2. LoneDev
    Version: 0.2
    Really nice plugin but in 1.10.2 dinnerbone is not upsideddown and deadmau5 ears are not shown :C .
  3. Mathis
    Version: 0.2
    Nice Plugin ;) This is perfekt for my Server! I use it for my BedWars and NickSystem ! Thanks for this!