ChangeSkin 2.4.2

Allows your players to change their skins by command | Restore cracked skins | Instant updates

  1. games647
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:


    This plugin allows your players to change their skins by command. These skins have to be downloaded from Mojang, because Minecraft clients only accept from Mojang signed skins. But you can choose every skin that another minecraft user currently has or had.

    Moreover it's possible to set a custom standard skin. If you want to, this plugin can set this standard skin for all players who still have the default steve or alex skin.

    If you like the project, leave a star on Github and contribute there.


    (you need the version with the name ChangeSkin.jar without any suffix)

    • Instant skin updates
    • Works on offline mode (can restore skins) and online mode servers
    • Nearly no mojang rate limits due caching
    • Specify standard skins
    • Change your skin - Every skin which was uploaded to Mojang is allowed
    • Lightweight
    • BungeeCord support
    • Implemented cache to benefit performance
    • No client modification needed
    • Tested with Spigot, PaperSpigot and TacoSpigot
    • Easy to use
    • Open Source
    Source code


    • /setskin <uuid>
    • /setskin <playerName>
    • /setskin <onlinePlayer> <newSkinUUID/newSkinPlayerName>
    • /skinupdate - Downloads the fresh skin from Mojang
    How to install on BungeeCord
    1. Install the plugin on both BungeeCord and Bukkit server
    2. Activate BungeeCord support in your spigot configuration
    3. Check the settings of the ChangeSkin config in the BungeeCord instance
      • For example BungeeCord doesn't support SQLite by default

    changeskin.command.skinupdate - Request a fresh skin from mojang
    changeskin.command.setskin.* - All the commands below
    changeskin.command.setskin - Set your own skin
    changeskin.command.setskin.other - Set the skin of other players

    Whitelist and blacklist permissions
    For this you have to skin permissions.
    • - Allow this specific skin
    •* - allows all skins
    => This means all skins are allowed except the ones with the uuid in the blacklist list

    or using Bitcoin:
    Thank you very much for those who already donated:
    • Name removed - 20$
    • PigParty - 11$
    • andramil - 10$
    • xion987 - 5$
    For privacy reasons I remove the first and last name. If you don't want to be listed, message me or write it directly into the donation message.

Recent Reviews

  1. angelosilva09
    Version: 2.4.2
    hi fix skin
    1. games647
      Author's Response
      Please use the bug tracker or the forum, explain your situation and wait at least 24 hours.

      I cannot help you if I don't know what doesn't work. I need your server log and configuration.
      What did you tried?
      If you use BungeeCord, do you followed the setup guide?
      Do you installed ProtocolLib if you don't use BungeeCord?
      Do you have any errors in the server log?
      What version do you use, dev-build or lastest version?
      Do you use SQLite or MySQL?
  2. Cry_Sis
    Version: 2.4.1
    Great plugin, everything is working great. Even if I didnt understand something or didnt know how to configure it, creator helped me rlly fast.
  3. demobuild
    Version: 2.4.1
    Very good plugin that works very well in 1.12 on my server.
    Developer listening.
  4. Lorenzo314
    Version: 2.3.2
    Thank you developer to made me fix this. Now i have the plugin working. This plugin is good and the developer is too!
  5. hugogaymer
    Version: 2.3.2
    Super useful plugin! Working fine on my sever! Thank you :) .
  6. Shadow.
    Version: 2.3.2
    The best skins plugin ever!
    but have one problem that made me feel bad :(

    when i use it on bungeecord
    i add it to all servers and the bungee one
    and add MySQL to it
    but it doesn't work at all :(( whats the problem ???
    The plugin commands just doesn't work at all :(
    1. games647
      Author's Response
      Then please use the bug tracker or the forums and wait at least 24 hours.

      I cannot help you without a server log especially in this case the bungee log.
  7. oop23
    Version: 2.3.2
    Not Working in Spigot 1.12 Please fix

    [17:36:17 INFO]: oop23 issued server command: /skin oop23
    [17:36:17 ERROR]: [ChangeSkin] Tried downloading skin data from Mojang Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL:
    at ~[?:1.8.0_131]
    at ~[?:1.8.0_131]
    at ~[?:1.8.0_131]
    at com.github.games647.changeskin.core.MojangSkinApi.downloadSkin( [ChangeSkin.jar:?]
    at [ChangeSkin.jar:?]
    at com.github.games647.changeskin.bukkit.tasks.NameResolver.onNameResolve( [ChangeSkin.jar:?]
    at [ChangeSkin.jar:?]
    at [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-99c2a37-3819f8d]
    at [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-99c2a37-3819f8d]
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( [?:1.8.0_131]
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ [?:1.8.0_131]
    at [?:1.8.0_131]
    [17:36:17 INFO]: [ChangeSkin] No-SKIN
    1. games647
      Author's Response
      Mojang servers were down therefore this plugin cannot download any skin.
  8. evilLamer
    Version: 2.3.2
    Better than other plugins, no players duplication bug and no lag .
  9. MacMasterMac
    Version: 2.3.2
    Works really good, nothing much to say. . .
  10. Spikey101
    Version: 2.3.2
    Great plugin, works wonders for me, automatically syncs throughout my servers and also instant skin changes!! unrelated to author: message me if i can pay you a bit to make essentials /skull pull the skull from the ChangeSkin database (if the username is in the Changeskin db), if not then to get it the default method by mojang.. Like that cracked players can have /skull