ChangeSlotAutoEquip 1.0

Take a sword or an axe, it automatically equips your stuff

  1. DarkBow_
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    With this plugin, you can troll your friends by making them believe you have no stuff while you have a full netherite armor with a shield or a crossbow.

    If you switch you heldslot to a sword or an axe, you will be autoequipped :
    - The helmet in the 9th slot
    - The chestplate in the 10th slot
    - The leggings in the 11th slot
    - The boots in the 12th slot
    - The shield/off hand item in the 13th slot

    It works with every item you want, so you can set any item as your helmet, chestplate and all the other slots.

    If you switch from an held item to no helditem when changing your held slot, your armor will be stored back with your shield in the 9, 10, 11, 12 et 13th slots of your inventory or just be added if the slot is already taken by another item.

    You need the ChangeSlotAutoEquip tag to make the plugin work for you, so do /tag @p add ChangeSlotAutoEquip and you're ready to go!!

    Simple to add and also to remove...

    Here is a picture of the slot numbers, to help you placing your items in your inventory :


    1. Slot Numbers.png