Charactar_Stats 2.1b

Simple personal modifiers.

  1. Jagarti
    In a nutshell:
    Players collect vanilla exp. orbs, which adds to their plugin experience points. Players can level up with the experience in their ExpBank. Each level up unlocks upgrade points that can be used to improve various stat modifiers.
    This release is a complete rewrite and improvement of my initial release in the bukkitsphere: show_stats.png level_up.png
    The stat modifiers are:
    • Health - Each level adds one half-heart to the players max-health.
    • Defense - Each level lessens the damage taken by the player.
    • Melee - Each level increases the damage done by the player, with hand-held weapons.
    • Ranged - Each level increases the damage dealt by the player's arrows.
    • Speed - Each level increases the movement speed of the player, with Jump Boost I & II at certain levels.
    • Healing - Each level increases the efficacy of the player's MedKit use, both personally and on other players.
    Players can view their progress with /cstats and access the upgrade screen with /levelstats -- at any point, players can exchange their plugin experience for a fractional amount of vanilla experience, which is particularly useful once the player has reached the maximum plugin level - this is done with the /absorb command. The MedKit item can be set in the config.yml -- please use material enum names from here: -- to use the MedKit on self, simply right click while holding it, to use it on another player, crouch-right click on them. The MedKit has a hardcoded, shapeless recipe: 1 Poppy, 1 Wool, 1 Flint, 1 Magma Cream - players with the permission "cstats.admin" can use the command /cstats medkit <#> to receive that amount of the item. You can create a MedKit with other plugins if you follow the display name/lore layout of the item, in case you want ro set up shops or insert more recipes.
    The following can be set in the config.yml file:
    • Max character level.
    • Amount of XP per orb.
    • Scale of XP required to level up.
    • Number of upgrades earned per character level-up.
    • Max stat level.
    • Item used as MedKit.
    • Please note that although the stat levels are configurable, the equations used in the plugin were originally planned around a value of 20. Anything below 20 should work fine but there might be issues if you go too far above.

Recent Reviews

  1. golvellius
    Version: 2.1b
    simple and useful thank you! it has everything i need without a lot of stuff that will cause problems with other plugins thank you again!
  2. SancLovin
    Version: 2.1b
    Nice, may be added to future updates an item to reset stats ^_^
  3. ZombieDroid
    Version: 2.1b
    Great simple plugin. Exactly what I wanted and nothing I didn't want.
  4. DeiAlexTVT
    Version: 2.1b
    Goooood! Nice!