Charity - Includes Statistics and Charity Shop! [Fully Customize GUI Menus] [1.13+] 1.0

Giving away your items, instead of throw them out!

  1. _ReflexShow_
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16



    enablePlugin: true # Enable/Disable plugin
    version: v1.0
    prefix: '&3&lCharity'
    reloadMessage: '&aYou reloaded the configuration file successfully!'
    playerNotOnline: '&cThis player aren't online currently.'
    givepointsMessage: '&aYou gave &c&l{player} &3{points} &a{keyword} successfully!'
    takepointsMessage: '&6You took &3{points} &6{keyword} from &c&l{player}''s &6balance
    resetpointsMessage: '&2You reset &c&l{player} &2{keyword} balance successfully!'
    noPermission: '&cYou ain''t got permission to do that.'
    notAvailable: '&6This function aren''t available at this time.'
    itemTakenAlready: '&c&lSorry! &fThe item you selected has probably already been taken.'
    rightClickMessage: '&c&lNotice! &fThis item donated by you, if you want to get it
    back, right click on it.'
    noPoints: '&c&lSorry! &fYou don''t have enough {keyword} to buy {item}!'
    actionCooldownMessage: '&6&lSorry! &fYou have to wait {time} till the next action!'
    noItems: '&c&lSorry! &6Currently we do not have items to share :/'
    gaveNothingMessage: '&cNo need to give away air, we have a lot for everyone!'
    blacklistedMessage: '&6The item you holding in hand are blacklisted.'
    maxItemsOnCharityMessage: '&6Sorry, we can''t have more items, try again later.'
    boughtMessage: '&a&lYou bought &c{item} &afor &d{points} {keyword} &asuccessfully!'
    gaveMessage: '&aYou gave &f{item}&7x{units} &aaway successfully! &7&l[+{points}]'
    takeMessage: '&3You took &f{item}&7x{units} &3from &c&l{player} &3successfully!'
    tookMessage: '&c&l{player} &3took your &f{item}&7x{units} &3!'
    tookBackMessage: '&6You took your &f{item}&7x{units} &6back successfully! &7&l[-{points}]'
    attributesOnItems: false # Hide/Show attributes on GUI
    maxItemsOnCharity: '90' # Maximum items on charity GUI
    pointsKeyword: Karma # Replace "karma" keyword to something else
    basePointsPerUnit: '5' # If player gave item which not in worthlist.yml, that's the default price per unit
    actionCooldown: '20' # Cooldown between actions such take and claim back
    donatorCredit: '&fBy: &c&l{donator}' # On charity GUI under every item
    enableSounds: true # Enable/Disable sounds on click
    menuTitle: '&3&lCharity &0&l(&0Items: &0&l{items})'
    menuSlots: '54'
    previousPageTitle: '&c&lPrevious'
    previousPageMaterial: ARROW
    currentPageTitle: '&6&l{page}/{max-pages}'
    currentPageMaterial: PAPER
    nextPageTitle: '&a&lNext'
    nextPageMaterial: ARROW
    bottomMaterial: BLACK_STAINED_GLASS_PANE
    infoTitle: '&3&lWhat is this page?' # Give your player little bit information about charity
    - '&f '
    - '&f Charity allows you to give away '
    - '&f your items instead of throw them away, '
    - '&f to make sure players which '
    - '&f needs that will have it! '
    - ' '
    - '&f Every time you will give away, '
    - '&f You will receive &3&lCharity Point!'
    - '&f '
    infoMaterial: CAKE
    enableShop: true
    charitySignatureOnItems: '&3&lCharity Item'
    shopTitle: '&d&lShop'
    shopMenu: '&3&lCharity &f&l» &d&lShop'
    shopLore: # Give your player little bit information about charity shop
    - '&f '
    - '&f Charity allows you to give away '
    - '&f your items instead of throw them away, '
    - '&f to make sure players which '
    - '&f needs that will have it! '
    - ' '
    - '&f Every time you will give away, '
    - '&fYou will receive &3&lCharity Point!'
    - '&f '
    priceLore: '&fPrice: &3&l{price} &3{keyword}'
    unitsLore: '&fUnits: &d&l{units}'
    shopMaterial: DIAMOND
    shopSlots: '54'
    statisticsSlot: '45'
    backTitle: '&c&lBack'
    backSlot: '53'
    backMaterial: IRON_DOOR
    statisticsTitle: '&c&lYour Statistics'
    statisticsMaterial: SUNFLOWER
    statisticsGiven: '&fYou &3gave away&f till now &3&l{items}&f items to charity'
    statisticsTaken: '&fYou &6took&f till now &6&l{items}&f items from charity'
    statisticsBalance: '&dYour {keyword} balance: &a&l{points} {keyword}&f'
    statisticsSpent: '&fYou &cspent&f till now &c&l{points}&f {keyword}'
    statisticsEarned: '&fYou &3earned&f till now &3&l{points}&f {keyword}'
    exitTitle: '&c&lExit'
    exitMaterial: IRON_DOOR
    Player's giveaways will be store here
    charitysword: # ItemID
    enable: true # Enable/Disable item on GUI menu
    signatureOnItem: true # Show signature on item (from shop)
    type: item # item type [item/command]
    attributes: false # Hide/Show attributes
    units: '1'
    material: diamond_sword
    displayName: Sword Of Messiah
    - '&c&lPowerful &7Diamond Sword'
    loreEnable: true # Show/Hide lore
    spaceBetweenLoreToPrice: true # On GUI
    showPrice: true # On GUI
    formattedPrice: true # Formatted price on GUI
    spaceBetweenEnchantToLore: false
    color: '&c&l'
    slot: '13'
    price: '50'
    - Unbreaking:3
    - Sharpness:5
    #Items which not stored here, will grind payment of `basePointsPerUnit` in config.yml (by default: 5 points)
    - diamond:10 #Item : Points per unit gave
    - emerald:5
    - tnt:3
    - torch
    - dirt



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Recent Reviews

  1. Noob_Sir_2019
    Version: 1.0
    Nice, but:
    - Does this plugin auto delete unused player data? Because I need it
    - Item's data don't save when give it to charity, unless the item was renamed
    - This message keep spaming in my console:
    java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "java.lang.Integer.intValue()" because the return value of "java.util.HashMap.get(Object)" is null....etc blah blah blah...
    - Can you set the actionCooldown to be in seconds? and if i set it to 0, ah yes errors
  2. Sun_Light
    Version: 1.0
    It's a great idea! I've been looking for a system where players can help each other and give them what they need.At the same time, there are also rewards for helping others.Now, it looks like I found it.I hope the author can continue to create this excellent plugins :)
    1. _ReflexShow_
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the lovely review!
      I will keep working on existing resources and looking forward
      to create more in the future (: