Chat Bot 0.4

This is a Bot that you can use to answer questions

  1. i_am_legend89
    It is Called as that was what the original name was going to be but I changed it.
    How to Install
    Install Skript
    Put the .jar in your plugin directory
    Reload/Restart your server
    Locate your skript folder in your plugin directory
    Inside of the skript folder you will see another folder called "scripts". Open the folder
    Drag and drop the into the "scripts" folder.
    Reload/Restart your server
    Done! The skript is now active.

    More Information
    Do Not sell this plugin to anyone
    If you have any ideas for the plugin/skript contact me in the skype group
    Any more bugs/issues please contact me in the skype group below

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Recent Reviews

  1. Hexivoid
    Version: 0.4
    Ooh, that's gonna take so long to implement multiple answers though... sigh... Decent/good start skript though!