Chat Filter - Signs, books and anvils 1.1.0

Chat Filter that reduces spam, swearing, advertising and more!

  1. a4papers
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    Chat Filter is a chat management plugin for reducing spam, swearing, advertisement of IPs and URLs. Stop repetition in chat and add as many swear words, IPs and URLs as you want to make sure your server chat is controlled! This plugin also filters books, signs, commands and anvils. More details below!

    • Filter words, IPs and URLs
    • Filter chat, anvils, signs, commands and books
    • Filter Unicode (common fancy hacker font)
    • Stop repetitive messages (
    • Stop excessive CAPS (Player names exempt)
    • Regex to prevent most of spammers that try to bypass filters
    • In-game regex generator for words
    • Alerts (and exposes) swearing and etc to players with the correct permission
    • Swear highlighting in alerts
    • Configurable warning messages
    • Whitelist words, IPs and URLs
    • Clear chat
    • Pause chat
    • Over 60+ preset words

    /clearchat (/cf clear) – Clears the chat.
    /cf help – Displays a list of the plugin’s commands.
    /cf reload – Reloads the plugin config.
    /cf blacklist (ip/word) list/add/remove <args/word/IP> – Blacklists a chosen word or IP. (Will not allow this word/IP to go throught the filter)
    /cf whitelist (ip/word) list/add/remove <args/word/IP> – Whitelists a chosen word or IP. (Will allow a string of characters/a word or IP to go through the filter)

    /cf pause – Pause chat for players that do not have the bypass perm.


    chatfilter.reload – Allows players to use /cf reload
    chatfilter.blacklist – Allows players to use /cf blacklist
    chatfilter.whitelist – Allows players to use /cf whitelist
    chatfilter.blacklist.remove – Allows players to use /cf whitelist remove
    chatfilter.whitelist.remove – Allows players to use /cf whitelist remove

    chatfilter.view – Allows players to to view what gets caught in the filter
    chatfilter.pause – Allows players to pause the chat
    chatfilter.bypass – Allows the player to bypass all filters(Chat, Signs, Books, Anvils, Decaps, pause chat and repeat messages) – Allows the player to bypass in chat
    chatfilter.bypass.sign – Allows the player to bypass on a sign
    chatfilter.bypass.anvil – Allows the player to bypass in a anvil – Allows the player to bypass in books
    chatfilter.bypass.command – Allows the player to bypass in commands
    chatfilter.bypass.repeat – Allows the player to bypass repeat messages
    chatfilter.bypass.caps –Allows the player to bypass chat decapping
    chatfilter.bypass.pause – Allows the player to bypass paused chat
    chatfilter.bypass.swear – Allows the player to bypass all swear filters (chat ,books, commands etc)
    chatfilter.bypass.ip – Allows the player to bypass all ip filters (chat ,books, commands etc)


    If you find any bugs or have any questions feel free to pm me. Please do not leave a negative review with the bug! It is really discouraging, it does not speed up the process of checking bugs.

Recent Reviews

  1. AziRixX
    Version: 1.0.5
    Good plugin and good job
  2. nachose
    Version: 1.0.2
    This is a really amazing plugin. It's simple and easy to use with the in-game commands. I love the use of regex, it really helps out with swear catches etc. It's great to finally find a plugin that does what it is meant to do without unnecessary features.
  3. SkyServers
    Version: 2020-07-19
    A good plugin if you are just looking for a Chat Filter. Is nice to finally have a lightweight standalone plugin rather than something that tries to be everything. Dev is responsive.