Chat Manager | 1.7 ~ 1.18 | 30+ Features and 40+ Commands! 3.7.7

Chat Formatting | Private Message | Chat Protection | Chat Radius | Auto-Broadcast | and MUCH MORE!

  1. H1DD3NxN1NJA
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
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    You can contact me via Discord or PM.
    Wiki | Commands & Permissions | Configuration Files


    Chat Manager is an advanced chat management plugin that has been in development for two and a half years! Chat Manager has just about everything you need for the best chat management possible! We offer everything you need to reduce the amount of spam, caps, ads, swearing, bot attacks on your server!

    Our goal is to make Chat Manager as simple as possible to configure and customize to meet your expectations for your server, and I think we've done just that! Almost every message can be customized to your liking! There are multiple comments in the configuration files to tell you exactly what each section is with easy to understand sections that makes life super easy to configure! We also have a wiki page that gives much more information on how to configure specific sections of the plugin like chat format, chat radius, and chat bot!

    Please read the entire resource page to know exactly what this plugin offers!

    Please, if you have ANY problems at all feel free to join our discord server and I will personally help you to make sure any problems you may have will be solved!


    • Block players from advertising other servers in chat, commands, and on signs.
    • Staff gets notified when someone advertises.
    • A command can be executed on the player that advertises.
    • Whitelist URLs so those URLs wont be blocked when players use them in chat, commands, or on signs.
    • Increase sensitivity option to increase the sensitivity of the anti-advertising checker, can cause false positives.
    Anti-Bot Attack
    • Block chat and commands until player moves on join.
    • Prevent players from using caps in chat or in commands.
    • Customize minimum message length.
    • Cap percentage.
    • Sets the players message to lowercase.
    • Blocks players from repeating the same chat message and the same commands.
    • Delay between sending messages.
      • Meaning you have to wait X seconds before sending another message.
    • Delay between sending commands.
      • Meaning you have to wait X seconds before sending another command.
    • Block swear words in chat, commands, and on signs.
    • Blocks words together (Example: YouAreAPieceOfCrap).
    • Blocks spaces between words (Example: C r a p).
    • Increase sensitivity option to increase the sensitivity of the anti-swear checker, can cause false positives.
    • Add and remove swear words in game!
    • Staff gets notified when a player swears.
    • A command can be executed on the player that swears.
    • Add as many commands as you like
    • Whitelist commands, so players can swear in those commands without the message being blocked.
    • Whitelist words that won't be detected by the anti-swear if increase sensitivity is enabled.
    • Option to block the message from being sent to chat.
    • Prevents players from typing special characters in chat. (Example: Ω≈ç√∫˜µ≤≥)
    • Prevents players from typing fancy chat messages from hack clients.
    • This prevents players from bypassing the Anti-Advertising checker and Anti-Swear checker.
    • Staff gets notified when someone uses special characters in chat.
    • A command can be executed to the player that uses special characters in chat.
    • A Unicode whitelist so players can send those messages in chat and their message wont be blocked.
    • Edit auto broadcast messages in the AutoBroadcast.yml file.
    • The auto-broadcast feature can send messages globally.
    • The auto-broadcast feature can send messages per-world.
    • The auto-broadcast feature can send messages via action bar.
    • The auto-broadcast feature can send messages via title.
    • The auto-broadcast feature can send messages via boss bar.
    • Each option has its own section so you can...
      • Enable or disable each section.
      • Set a custom prefix for each section.
      • Set a custom interval for each section.
      • Enable or disable the header footer for global and per world messages.
      • Set a custom header and footer for global and per world messages.
    • You can add broadcast messages in-game.
    • You can view a list of all the broadcast messages in-game.
    • You can create a new auto broadcast world in-game.
    • Sounds can be played when messages are sent.
    • Set boss bar messages to be permanent by adding the bar delay to -1.
    Banned Commands
    • Deny players from using specific commands.
    • Add and remove commands in game.
    • Staff gets notified when a player uses a banned command.
    • A command can be executed on the player that uses a banned command.
    Broadcast Commands
    • /Broadcast {message} command
      • Custom default prefix
      • Custom default chat color
      • A sound is played to everyone on the server when you broadcast a message.
    • /Announcement {message} command
      • Broadcast an announcement message to the server.
      • Custom Header/ Footer
      • A sound is played to everyone on the server when you announce a message.
    • /Warning {message} command
      • Broadcast a warning message to the server.
      • Custom Header/ Footer
      • A sound is played to everyone on the server when you send out a warning message.
    Chat Formatting *Vault Required
    • Per-group chat format.
    • Players will automatically be placed in their chat format group, depending on what permission group they are in.
    • Players will be place in the default format section if their permissions group isn't in the config.
    • Learn more on how to use the chat format here.
    • Available Placeholders.
    Chat Bot
    • When a player says something in chat the Chat Bot will respond with a configured answer.
    • The question must be in the ChatBot.yml file for the bot to respond to.
    • You can make it so the bot can execute commands to the player that asks the question.
    • You can have a required permission so if the player doesn't have the permission the bot wont do anything towards that player.
    • Custom Chat Bot prefix.
    • Sounds can be played when the chat bot is triggered.
    • Learn more on how to use the chat bot here.
    Chat Color
    • You can send color codes in chat.
    • Permission to use the color codes and formats.
    • Hex color codes supported for almost every message.
    Chat Radius
    • Chat Radius chat channels.
    • Local chat, Global chat, and World chat.
    • In local chat players can only talk to other players that are in the customizable range.
    • In global chat players can send messages to everyone on the server.
    • In world chat players can only send messages to players that are in the same world as them.
    • Add the placeholder {radius} or %chatmanager_radius% (PAPI placeholder) to the chat format to show what chat channel the players are in.
    • Spy mode can be used to see what everyone is saying in chat no matter what.
    • You can set it so spy mode enables when specific players join the server.
    • You can set which chat channel players join when they join the server.
    • The command to switch chat channels is /chatradius.
    • Players can use a customizable symbol to talk to players in local chat.
    • Players can use a customizable symbol to talk to players in global chat.
    • Players can use a customizable symbol to talk to players in world chat.
    • Learn more on how to use the chat radius here.
    Clear Chat
    • Clears all online players chat with a custom broadcast message.
    • Bypass permission so players wont have their chat cleared on command.
    Command Spy
    • You can see what commands everyone is sending on the server.
    • Custom command spy format.
    • Bypass permission so staff can't see what commands you type.
    Custom Messages
    • Custom Join, Quit, and First Join messages.
    • Custom join and first join action bar messages.
    • Custom join and first join titles.
    • Per group Join and Quit messages.
    • Play sound when players join or leave the server.
    • Customizable title delays.
    • Custom Message of the Day (MOTD).
    • Capitalize the first letter in a sentence.
    • Adds a period at the end of a sentence.
    • Auto corrects "i" to make it capital, as well as other preset words.
    • Minimum message length for capitalization and punctuation.
    • Player list to show all the players that are currently online.
    • Staff list to show all the staff members that are currently online.
    • Logs everything typed in chat.
    • Logs every command executed.
    • Logs every message that is written on a sign.
    • Logs when a player advertises.
    • Logs when a player curses.
    • Add commands in the config that wont be logged.
    • When a player is mentioned in chat, they will receive a sound notification as well as a title message.
    • Players can be mentioned by a customizable symbol that can be changed in the config.yml. (Default is @{player})
    • You can mention everyone on the server by doing @everyone.
    Mute Chat
    • Prevent players from talking in chat.
    • Prevents specific commands from being executed when chat is disabled.
    • Bypass permission so staff can talk in chat.
    • MuteChat -s command so staff can only see when chat is muted.
    Per-World Chat
    • If enabled (Disabled by default) players can only talk to other players that are in the same world as them.
    • Group worlds for per world chat. You can group worlds together so players in the grouped worlds can talk to each other.
    • Bypass command: /Perworldchat Bypass (/pwc bypass)
      • When the command is executed, everyone can see what you type in chat, and you can see what everyone else types in chat.
    Ping Command
    • You can check your current ping anytime on the server.
    • You can check other players ping anytime on the server.
    • This is the one and only thing that cant be customized.
    • Chat Manager has multiple placeholders built into the plugin by default that you can use in almost every message chat manager has to offer, you can view a full list of all the available placeholders here.
    • Chat Manager also supports the use of PlaceholderAPI placeholders in almost every message chat manager has to offer! Please visit PlaceholdersAPI Wiki to help you get started to learn how to get placeholders from the plugin!
    Private Message
    • /message and /reply commands.
    • Custom message format.
    • A sound is played to the person that receives a private message.
    • Players cant private message staff if they are vanished (Works with Essentials Vanish and Super Vanish).
    • When a player is ignored they wont be able to send private messages to the player that's ignoring them (only works with essentials ignore).
    • Hover text for private messages and suggest command.
    Server Rules
    • /Rule Command
    • Rule pages. You can add as many pages as you'd like in the config.
    Sign Colors
    • You can use color codes on signs.
    • Permission to allow players to either use color codes or format codes.
    Social Spy
    • You can spy on players private messages.
    • Bypass permission to players cant spy on you.
    Staff Chat
    • Talk to all online staff members secretly from the rest of the server.
    • Custom staff chat format.
    • Boss bar can be permanently enabled while staff chat is enabled.
    More Info
    • Almost everything can be enabled or disabled in the config.yml. Everything besides commands.
    • Almost every message can be customized in the messages.yml.
    • There is a bypass permission for almost everything.
    • Thousands of Placeholders are available with PlaceholderAPI installed.
    Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 2.04.51 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 2.05.18 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 2.05.36 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 8.23.14 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 8.27.02 PM.png

    German Tutorial

    Russial Tutorial
    Red = Required
    Green = Optional
    • Vault is required to use the plugin that's used for permission checks.
    • Any Permissions Plugin is required to use the chat formatting feature. The permission plugins that isn't supported are SuperPerms and PowerRanks!!!
    • PlaceholderAPI can be used if you wish to have more placeholders. PlaceholderAPI is supported with every message chat manager has, and adds thousands of extra placeholders!
    • Essentials Adds multiple checks to players for AFK, mute, ignoring, nicknames, and vanish. It's also used for extra placeholders.
    • SuperVanish & PremiumVanish adds multiple checks to see if specific players are in vanish.
    • MassiveCore Factions Is used for extra placeholders.
    • DeluxeTags Is used for extra placeholders.
    • ASkyBlock Is used for extra placeholders.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
    This has a small list of the most common FAQ, to view a full list please go on my wiki and please read everything if you are having any problems.

    1. Why isn't chat manager working?
    There can be a number of causes for this issue but notably the most common issue if that players don't have vault on their server. Vault as well as a permissions plugin is required to use chat manager, there's a list of dependencies right above the FAQ. If chat manager isn't working still please go in console and restart the server and look at the start up messages, this will tell you if something is wrong. If there are error messages please try and read them yourself to resolve the issue to join the discord server and request for help.

    2. Why isn't the chat format working?
    The chat format may not work for multiple reasons. You can learn how to use the chat format properly on my wiki, but if you did that and it still isn't working first, make sure you have both Vault and a Permissions Plugin on your server (I.E. PermissionsEx, LuckPerms, etc). The chat format is case sensitive, so the group name has to be spelt exactly how its spelt with your permissions plugin. If you're using LuckPerms groups are automatically set to lowercase, so in chat managers config make sure all your groups are lowercase if you are using LuckPerms. Also another thing with LuckPerms, if you set a display name for a group, that groups set name wont work with chat managers chat format, you'll have to set the group name in the chat format to the set display name for the chat format to work. If you are still having issues after checking all this please join the discord server and request for help.

    3. Can I disable commands?
    The short answer is no, but there are ways around it. This a highly asked question, but you can't disable any of the commands, but there is a way to give commands from other plugins higher priority so they can be used instead of chat managers commands. The commands.yml file. Read that wiki page on how to use it and it should help you out. Also, if you want a command from essentials to override a command from chat manager, go to essentials config.yml, go to overriden-commands, and set the command you want essentials to take over. This is the section you are looking for in the config.



    Check out my other resources:

    Anti-Curse | Potion Effects

    If you have any suggestions or want to report a bug, please PM me!
    Please do not use the review section to report bugs or add suggestions, my PM's are always open and you can always ask for help there!
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    at co.aikar.timings.TimedEventExecutor.execute( ~[patched_1.12.2.jar:git-Paper-1620]
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent( ~[patched_1.12.2.jar:git-Paper-1620]
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent( ~[patched_1.12.2.jar:git-Paper-1620]
    at net.minecraft.server.v1_12_R1.PlayerList.onPlayerJoin( ~[patched_1.12.2.jar:git-Paper-1620]
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    at net.minecraft.server.v1_12_R1.LoginListener.b( ~[patched_1.12.2.jar:git-Paper-1620]
    1. H1DD3NxN1NJA
      Author's Response
      Thanks for coming to me first in discord or PM to report this problem, could have easily helped you there. Please remove this review and join my discord server and I'll assist you there
  2. HyGoVieuw
    Version: 3.7.7
    Good plugin, works fine but that's will be cool if we can get hover text for formatting chat per groups !
    Nice plugin btw
  3. YA_Dung2019vn
    Version: 3.7.7
    Good plugin, i using 2 month and work perfect :>
    1. H1DD3NxN1NJA
  4. Nononitas
    Version: 3.7.7
    No support for this resource, the author only answers some questions asked by users.
    I reported a bug about a week ago, the author didn't even reply at first, only when I asked him about it two days later he just said he doesn't understand what I mean. Then I explained it to him and still no answer. I even reminded him after a day later that I explained it to him, still no answere.
    All in all the author doesn't seem to care about bugs or fix them.
    I don't know why there is even a support option if the author doesn't have time (as he said in other responses to reviews) or doesn't want to provide support.

    And for these reasons I can't really recommend this plugin.
    1. H1DD3NxN1NJA
      Author's Response
      Sorry for poor support, going through a lot of stuff in life and I'm not too worried about it right now. Life comes before support for a free plugin
  5. alexthebad
    Version: 3.7.7
    As Fenix_Sa said, there's absolutely no support on this plugin.
    You have a personal life but you pay no time for support, you better close the support of the plugin.
    1. H1DD3NxN1NJA
      Author's Response
      I give plenty of support, but sometimes I am busy and go a day or two without logging onto discord. Go on discord and scroll through #chat_manager tab and you'll see a whole lot of support from me
  6. Sanay321
    Version: 3.7.6
    I give this rating because I don't like how the chat radius works,
    It would be better and more familiar to everyone
    ! there was a global chat
    And without! within a radius of 100 blocks local chat
  7. Blue_Tree
    Version: 3.7.6
    Good plugin! Useful and working well, and not bugged. Well done! But these 2 stars are not there because its closed source, the plugin was gonna be a bigger plugin if it was open source with many more features
  8. Fenix_San
    Version: 3.7.6
    I never received a support from the creator with some bugs that until now I still have .. great disappointment considering that it is a good plugin
    1. H1DD3NxN1NJA
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry I have a personal life and can't be on my computer to help you out
  9. RedDragon_
    Version: 3.7.6
    I have been using this plugin for many months now.
    lightweight and has many useful features.
    I especially like the chat filter, I have it set up to automatically ban racist players, plus the racist messages are hidden from chat :D
    I use CMI's chat in combo with this plugin and
    It works very well as you can disable anything that you do not need.
    Excellent plugin you have here Hidden Ninja!
    1. H1DD3NxN1NJA
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your kind review <3
  10. ElectricAirplane
    Version: 3.7.6
    Good, but the default config shouldn't have so much settings turned on. Also, the repeated messages should be 3x before blocking-as that's when it usually becomes spam. Also, 2x messages often are legitimate.
    1. H1DD3NxN1NJA
      Author's Response
      I have the config the way it is so it forces players to go into the config and configure it to the way they want to. Also I'll be looking into a way to add a way to do that to the repetitive messages.

      Thanks for your feedback!