Chat Manager StaffChat Update

Chat Management

  1. v2.1

    This update adds Staff Chat to the plugin!
    Add under Broadcast!
    Code (Text):
      Enabled: "&b&l(!) &bStaffChat has been Enabled"
      Disabled: "&c&l(!) &cStaffChat has been Disabled"
      Format: "&b&lSTAFFCHAT&b &f%player%: %message%"
  2. [v2.0] Plugin Revamp!

    This is just a nice update the whole plugin code has been revamped and so many features have been too! I hope you enjoy!

    Coming Next
    + StaffChat
    + Your ideas! (PM me for your idea to be added)
  3. ChatManager Finally Fixed!

    I have finally got off my lazy butt and have fixed ChatManager. Enjoy :p