Chat Manager 1.3.1

Have an Ultra customizable Chat Manager

  1. Aviortheking
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Have an Ultra customizable Chat Manager

    Support 1.8 to latest minecraft STABLE version

    Quick links :

    Issues Tracker
    Contact mail

    Features :
    • Staffchat
    • Channels
    • clearchat
    • broadcast
    • Auto broadcast/clearchat
    • prefix suffix and name color
    • chat colors
    • mute
    • custom player color in chat
    Commands :
    <arg> is obligatory
    [arg] is optional

    /staffchat <message>

    The a message throught the staff reserved chat
    See permissions in link for more infos.


    switch if you want to receive staffchat messages

    /clearchat [player]

    clear the global or the [player] chat history

    /broadcast <message>

    broadcast a message throught the server

    /chat <channel> <message>

    /channel <args>

    create <channel> to create a channel

    disband <channel> to disband a channel

    promote <player> <channel> promote a player in a channel

    demote <player> <channel> demote a player in a channel

    list to list channels

    leave <channel> to leave a channel

    join <channel> to join a channel

    invite <player> <channel> don\'t change anythings actually

    infos <channel> to get infos of a channel(working on)

    admin <join/disband> <channel>

    Permissions :
    More precise description on wiki

    This plugin use bstats's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to :

    A unique identifier
    The number of players online
    Whether the server is in offline or online mode
    The server's version
    The plugin's version
    The OS version/name and architecture
    The core count for the CPU
    The server location
    The server's version of Java
    The Metrics version
    Wether Auto-Clearchat/Auto-Broadcast is enabled or not
    The number of muted players

    Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/bstats/config.yml and changing enabled to false.

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