Chat Manager 1.4

This plugin helps you manage your chat with /clearchat and /mutechat

  1. jupdyke01
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Chat Manager By Jupdyke01

    StaffChat is enabled by doing /staffchat and it is a chat your moderators can talk in without players seeing it. The chat is only visible to players with the permission node
    Anti Advertising
    There are 2 forms of antiadvertising one blocks ip addressees and one blocks websites
    Chat Cooldown
    There is a configurable cooldown time between message
    Auto Formatting
    Auto formatting will capitalize all sentences and add a period at the end
    Anti Spam
    There is anti full capitals in chat and there is also the chat cooldown to stop people from spamming
    Blocked Words
    There is a completely cohesive way to block any word from being chatted. In the config you can set as many words as you want to be blocked from being able to be said.

    If enabled in config:
    Allows for advertisement blocking!
    Customization word blocking / anti swear
    Done via config

    /cm info - Allows you to display plugin information such as version, name, author, ect.

    /cm help - Allows you to display the commands for the plugin for users that need help.

    /staffchat - Allows you enable/disable staffchat for yourself.

    /mutechat - Allows you to stop all chatting except for staff members with a permission.

    /clearchat - Allows you to completely rid the chat of all messages.

    chatmanager.clearchat - Allows use of /clearchat.
    chatmanager.mutechat - Allows use of /mutechat.
    chatmanager.bypassmute - Allows you to chat when the chat is muted.
    chatmanager.bypass - Allows you to ignore all of the anti-advertising features.
    chatmanager.staffchat - Allows you to enable/disable
    chatmanager.cminfo - Allows you to display plugin info
    chatmanager.cmhelp - Allows you to display plugin cmds

    #This will get rid of any periods in the message except for at the end (To block ip adresses from being displayed in the chat)
    periodblockenabled: true

    #The amount of delay in between players talking in SECONDS
    chatdelayenabled: true
    chatdelaytime: 5

    #This is a list of words users are not allowed to say
    #Add a word by doing - Word
    blockedwordsenabled: true
    - Butt

    #This is to block people from spamming in all caps
    anticapsenabled: true

    # Auto format adds a period to the end of the sentence and capitalizes the first letter
    autoformatenabled: true

    #This is the anti advertisement section to add url endings do the same as shown below
    antiadvertenabled: true
    - .com
    - .net
    - .org
    - .biz
    - .me
    - .io
    - .co
    - .shop
    - .site
    - .us
    - .ca
    - .ac

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    Version: 1.3
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    This plugin makes me Moist and tickles me to make my server better in many ways possible