Chat 1.2

A great chat management plugin for your Minecraft server.

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    Chat is a plugin made to help you moderate your server chat. At this time, the plugin only has 2 useful commands.
    Commands and Permissions
    Code (Text):
    /chat [help] - Shows the commands the player has access to. [NO PERMISSION NODE]

    /chat reload - Reloads the configuration. [chat.reload]

    /clearchat global - Clears the server chat. []

    /clearchat local - Clears the players chat who ran the command. [chat.clear.local]

    /cc - Alias of /clearchat

    /slowmode <time> - Slows the server chat so that players have to wait <time> seconds between sending messages. [chat.slowmode]

    /slowmode disable - Turns off slowmode. [chat.slowmode]

    To bypass slowmode, give a player the permission node of chat.slowmode.bypass

    Code (Text):

    # Prefixes, pretty straight forward.
    success_prefix: '&8[&a&lChat&8] &7'
    warning_prefix: '&8[&6&lChat&8] &7'
    error_prefix: '&8[&c&lChat&8] &7'

    no_permission: I'm sorry, but you do not have the permission to do that!
    clear_global_success: You have cleared the global chat successfully!

    # %PLAYER% = The player who cleared the chat globally.
    clear_global_msg: The chat was cleared by %PLAYER%!

    clear_local_success: You cleared your chat successfully!

    # %TIME% = How long you must wait between sending messages.
    slowmode_blocked: The chat is in slow mode. Please wait %TIME% before sending another message.
    slowmode_enabled: The chat has been put into slow mode! You must wait %TIME% between sending messages.

    slowmode_disabled: Slow mode has been disabled.
    plugin_reloaded: Configuration has been reloaded!
    not_enough_args: Not enough arguments!
    too_many_args: Too many arguments!
    int_err: Seconds must be a positive number.

    # Name displayed when the console clears the global chat.
    console: '&6&lCONSOLE'

    debug: false

    If you need support, please do not give us a bad review! Reviews are meant for reviewing the plugin. Send me a PM on the forums if you need support! Thanks!

Recent Updates

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