ChatAdmin ChatAdmin v4.3

A powerful chatplugin that can edit almost every aspect of online chat!

  1. Syn_Jake

    **-** A Powerful upcoming chat plugin that intends to take on all aspects of Minecraft server chat from locking chat to muting players this plugin will master all aspects and provide the most customization to ensure every message sent out by the plugin is entirely up to you! Plugin officially released and safe to use, if you find an error please comment it and i will have the fix and update withing in minutes of seeing the post.

    **-** Please leave comments below if something is not to your liking in the plugin itself or you feel a certain feature is needed i would love to hear from you guys!

    ===== Introduction =====
    * As of now this plugin stands to a list of customizable features and easy use, any suggestions will be taken into consideration and possibly implemented into the plugin to soon become the best.

    === Commands ===
    * **/cabc <message> : Broadcasts with SBC Prefix.**
    * **/abc <message> : Broadcasts with NO Prefix.**
    * **/chatclear : Clear your own chat.**
    * **/chatclear all : Clear everyone's chat.**
    * **/careload : Reloads ChatAdmin's configuration.**
    * **/chatlock : Locks or Unlocks the chat.**
    * **/chatadmin | /ca : Displays ChatAdmin help page.**
    * **/kick <player_name> [Reason...] : Kicks a player.**
    * **/mute <player_name> [Reason...] : mutes a player.**
    * **/rules : Displays server rules listed in the config.**

    ==== Permissions ====
    * **chatadmin.sbc : Permission to use /cabc.**
    * ** : Permission to use /abc.**
    * ** : Permission to use /chatclear.**
    * ** : Permission to use /chatclear all.**
    * ** : Permission to use /chatlock.**
    * ** : Permission to Bypass the chatlock.**
    * **chatadmin.caps.bypass : Permission to Bypass the CapsBlocker.**
    * **chatadmin.kick.bypass: Makes you immune to /kick.**
    * **chatadmin.mute.bypass : Makes you immune to /mute.**
    * **chatadmin.kick : Allows you to /kick.**
    * **chatadmin.mute : Allows you to /mute.**

    ==== Configuration ====
    * Click Here.

    ==== Features ====
    * **Ability to Broadcast with the prefix set in the config.**
    * **Ability to Broadcast without the prefix [Broadcast].**
    * **Ability to clear your own chat Or the servers chat!**
    * **Ability to Auto-Broadcast a unlimited number of messages!**
    * **Lock or Unlock player chat.**
    * **Avoid CapsLock.**
    * **Mute and Kick!**
    * **CurseBlocking.**
    * **Rules.**

    ==== To Do List ====
    * Suggest features to me and i will do my best to incorporate them!
    *//** Add Mute feature(Done!).**//
    * Add custom Chat format w/ supporting color codes.
    *//** Add Kick feature(Done!).**//
    * Add Server Lock-down feature.
    * AntiSpam feature

    ==== Notice ====
    * **Plugin swapped Authors, Full rewrite was done, if you find any bugs report it here.**

    ==== Changes ====
    * **Rules! **

    ==== Goals ====

    ✓1 Download, ✓250 Downloads, 500 Downloads, 750 Downloads, 1000 Downloads,
    2000 Downloads , 4000 Downloads, [​IMG] 10,000 Downloads?.

    === Feeling Generous? ===
    * [​IMG]

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    Version: ChatAdmin v4.3
    Great plugin! Keep working on that staffchat!

    But PLEASE, add an option to disable the handling join/leave messages. I have another plugin which modifies it beyond what this plugin can do (no offence) so I would really appreciate it if this plugin would let me use that other plugin's join & leave messages instead of either using these basic ones or not having anything at all.
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    Version: v4
    Very simple to use and chat friendly. i love it