ChatAmc 1.1

Handle the whole chat sytem of your server !!!

  1. Arionas_MC
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

    Handle your server's whole chat system easily and quickly by creating unlimited chat groups !

    Configuration File:
    Inside config.yml you can create the chat groups.

    Code (Text):
    ##### ChatAmc v1.0 Configuration file #####

    # Check out my other resources here:
    # Check out my YouTube channel here:

    # Here you register your chat_groups
    - vip
    - mvp

    ## ChatGroups ##

    # world = the world that the player is in
    # player_name = the player's name
    # 'disable_on_worlds' means that if the player is in a world from this list the above chat settings will not been displayed
    # [NOTE] When you change tablist_prefix and then reload the plugin, firstly you must say something to display the changed tablist_prefix
    # Also do not forget to register chat group above

    # You can find the color codes here:

      prefix: '&2[VIP] &3[world] &6player_name >>> '
      tablist_prefix: '&2[VIP] player_name'
      message_color: '&5'
      - FlatLand
      prefix: '&b[MVP] &aplayer_name >>> '
      tablist_prefix: '&b[MVP] &aplayer_name'
      message_color: '&e'
      permission: chatamc.mvp
      - FlatLand

    Permissions & Commands
    Code (Text):
    /chatamc :: chatamc.command
    /chatamc reload :: chatamc.command.reload
    /clearchat :: chatamc.clearchat
    /clearchat global ::

    chatamc.command.* :: all the command permissions

    How can I create a chat group ?
    1) Go to config.yml
    2) Go to the bottom of the file
    3) Write your group's name and the settings of the group like the above exmple groups
    Something like this:
    Code (Text):
      prefix: '[My_Group] player_name :'
      tablist_prefix: '[My_Group_On_TabList] player_name'
      message_color: '&1'
      permission: chatamc.my_group
      - My_World1
      - My_World2
      - Test_World
    4) Register your new chat group to 'enabled_chat_groups' list
    5) Add your chat group's permission to anyone you want
    6) Have Fun !!!

    I found a bug what must I do ?
    Send me a PRIVATE message to tell this bug and I will fix it !

    Project Goals:
    20 Downloads :cool:
    50 Downloads o_O
    150 Downloads :D
    200 Downloads :p

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