ChatAPI - Library 2014-06-12

Chat Builder / BBCode Parser / Bukkit & Bungeecord - Library for your plugins

  1. mickare
    This is not a plugin!

    chatapi_icon.png [​IMG]
    Code (Text):
    [hover=show_text( "And §ohello§r §cyou!" )][c=b]Hello[/c] [b]worl§7d[/b]![/hover]
    ChatAPI is a library for your plugins to use.
    You can easily build your own formatted messages; or you can use the BBCode Parser.

    For more info look at the wiki:

    Support for use in Plugins:
    • CraftBukkit v1_7_R3
    • More Bukkit Versions will come
    • BungeeCord 1.7 Snapshot