ChatBot [Fully Customizable] 4.15

Talk to an extremely customizable virtual bot that responds to anything you configure on your server

  1. Optic_Fusion1
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14


    is a very simple to use plugin, that allows you to create and talk to a FULLY CUSTOMIZED bot on your server. It works by choosing from phrases YOU can specify in the config to respond to anything your players might say. The possibilities are infinite!​

    /bot enable <fileName|all>
    - Enables the specified bot or every bot - chatbot.enable
    /bot list - lists every enabled bot - chatbot.list
    /bot add <botname> <message> <response> - Adds a misc response to a certain bot - chatbot.add
    /bot disable <botname|all> - Disable all or a specfic bot - chatbot.disable
    /bot reload <config|all|botname> - Reloads the config, all bots, or a specific bot - chatbot.reload

    Change your bot's name
    Change your bot's prefix
    Change the messages your bot will respond with
    Change the sentences your bot will respond to
    Randomized messages for every response
    Allows you to add responses in 2 different ways, with a method in game to allow for easy bot customization
    Allows for adding on to messages that already have responses
    If no sentences are matched, bot will choose from generic responses
    Response option for messages that don't include your bot's name
    Toggle whether you can trigger the bot
    Change the response time of your bot
    Colour support
    Compatible with any plugin
    Responds to certain events
    Can send messages ONLY to the player by adding -s to the end of the message
    placeholderapi support
    You can execute commands
    Allows for infinite bots

    Supported Events

    PlayerDeathEvent: %dropped_xp_amount%, %drop_amount%, %killed_name%, %killer_name%
    EntityDeathEvent: %killed_name%, %killer_name%
    Misc: %random_int%, %bot_name%, %bot_name_lowercase%, %bot_name_uppercase%, %bot_prefix%, %bot_prefix_lowercase%, %bot_prefix_uppercase%, %player_name%, %player_name_lowercase%, %player_name_uppercase%, %player_displayname%, %player_displayname_lowercase%, %player_displayname_uppercase%


    The bot works on a principle of pre-generated sentences, coupled with randomness. From the "responses" branch in the config, you can branch out into multiple, sentences of varying complexity. Here's an example
    Code (Text):
        - "Not great!"
        - "Great!"
    In this instance, the sentence that would trigger a response from the bot is "how are you". And the bot will randomly choose between "Good!", and "Not great." for it's answer! You can have as many of these as you want, and you can do nothing but expand the bot!
    Anything under the "responses" branch requires you to type the bot name first for example ChatBot how are you.
    If it's under the "miscellaneous" section then you don't have to type the bot name

    All regexes go within the <botname>-regexes.txt file.
    Regex for the default bot for example would go within the "default-regexes.txt" file


    The [cmd] tag allows you to run commands as either the console or as the player
    Usage: [cmd type=<op|normal>]<command>[/cmd]
    Example: [cmd type=op]ban %player_name%[/cmd]
    The [perm] tag allows you to do something if the player has the correct permission
    Usage: [perm=<permission node>]<thing to do>[/perm]
    Example: [perm=chatbot.example]hello[/perm]
    More examples:
    Have some diamonds [cmd type=op]give %player_name% diamonds 5[/cmd]

    [perm=chatbot.example]You have the \"chatbot.example\" permission[/perm]


Recent Updates

  1. [4.15]
  2. [4.14]
  3. [4.13]

Recent Reviews

  1. Myp4ik_Gabri
    Version: 4.15
    The plugin is excellent, but .. you can tell how to add several actions to the bot, for example: execute a command and send a text message. And yes, I didn’t understand how to add or where to add -s so that the message was sent personally to the player, I added it to the end of the message but it was displayed along with the message, and when I put the quotation mark the plugin crashed
  2. JoshuaLovesCode
    Version: 4.13
    Awesome Plugin!
    Keep up the amazing work :)
    Best ChatBot plugin out there! :D
  3. fatmanjumprope
    Version: 4.12
    Had a few issues with 1.14.3 but creator was quick to release this new version which works perfectly. Very happy to be using this amazing plugin now again in 1.14 :)
  4. QueenAslan
    Version: 4.11
    Thanks for this plugin and for being an very active and responsive developer. The plugin does all I need. Keep up the great work. Sad to see all those "revenge"-reviews
    1. Optic_Fusion1
  5. DamnRelentless
    Version: 4.11
    A nice idea but the plugin is in a really bad shape. There is not even tab-completion, nor placeholders. You can't choose case-sensitivity or regex or something which makes the bots pretty useless especially since they only answer if you write the bot name in front of the message. It would be way cooler to respond to pre-defined sentences with regex and placeholders support. There is not much you can do with that yet.
    1. Optic_Fusion1
      Author's Response
      There are placeholders, if you'd read the overview. I'm not even going to bother responding to the rest of your review since you clearly didn't even bother reading the overview
  6. the_happy_helper
    Version: 4.3
    Used to be unique but now is clearly just copying the BotMaker plugins' features, also Vallas' review is invalid/irrelevant since they haven't even used the ChatBot plugin then the review should not have been placed so another reason why I leave this review is to balance the rating to what it should be. Taking sides based on so called revenge review (which doesn't even look bad at all) is not how reviews should be handled.

    My review is based on uniqueness of the plugin itself, I liked this plugin before but now that you're copying BotMakers recently added features (placeholders) and multiple bots I don't see the point of using ChatBot anymore and think that it's petty that the features are being copied because of said revenge reviews and/or advertising or whatever the case.

    Reviews should only be for the quality, functionality and uniqueness of the plugin itself and nothing else, in this case ChatBot has lost it's uniqueness :(
    1. Optic_Fusion1
  7. vallas
    Version: 3.8
    I noticed that a certain person 'revenge reviewed' this plugin because he can't handle legit critisism. I'm willing to vouch for ChatBot with 5 stars, haven't used it myself but the (honest) reviews suggest this is a great plugin.
    1. Optic_Fusion1
      Author's Response
      Well then, you should try it :P maybe you'll like it <3
  8. Leodur2006
    Version: 3.7
    The idea itself is not bad, but I would like PlaceholderApi support, but also that the bots can leave and join server, also that they are in tablist, in server list when you ping, but most important customizable questions and their answers. Also, it would be cool if there was more base content in the config.yml. Lastly, make it so the bots can talk randomly, to make the server "alive". I don't have a go at the author, I just give suggestions to make a better plugin, and if it is good enough, I will put it on my network.
    1. Optic_Fusion1
      Author's Response
      Clearly someone didn't even bother, it does have PlaceholderAPI support, and the other features are literally useless for this plugin due to it not using NPCS. I see you trying to subtly advertise your plugin

      Edit: Reviews aren't the place to request features
      They go here
  9. Gaige
    Version: 3.6
    Hi I have tried to change the response speed many times but it will not change, I restart the server each change and I have attempted 100, 1000, 0.5, 0.2, 0.02, 0.0000000002, 100000000 as the setting for the response time and nothing has changed the bot responds instantly, how do I change it to give a couple seconds delay before responding?
    1. Optic_Fusion1
      Author's Response
  10. PluginDownloader
    Version: 3
    Good plugin. But the only problem is the plugin takes a long time to respond their question. I'll rate it 5 stars if you can make the respond faster ;)
    1. Optic_Fusion1
      Author's Response
      The reason it takes so long is while testing if i made it faster the bots message kept appearing ABOVE the players message which made it look weird however in the config file there's the following

      #The time (in ticks) before the bot responds
      #If the bot responds too fast, the message will appear before the users message
      response-speed: 10