ChatBox 0.3

A chat plugin supporting multiple channels!

  1. MYL
    You should get it because...

    ChatBox is a great but still in development chat plugin which handles channels. There are currently 2 channels, global and local. The global channel can be used if you want the whole server to know what you want to say. You might say "I like pie" in the Overworld, and someone in The End would learn something about you. However, if you want to send a message to a few of your nearby friends, you could use the local channel, to avoid unneccasary awkwardness which comes with global channels. Might be useful for medium-sized survival servers.


    Although in developement, it has quite a number of features, including (besides channels):
    • Configure channels individually (check out config.yml)
    • Disable chat with permissions
    • Broadcast messages
    • Color codes
    ... and much more for you to discover!

    ChatBox also uses a many permissions and commands which makes it very configurable. It includes default values which should be sufficient for regular servers. You can also change most of the messages in the configuration.


    What is a plugin but not a bunch of commands?
    Use /chatbox in-game to list all commands!
    (excluding those you do not have permission to)


    chatbox.broadcast - Access to /broadcast - Access to /global, default - Access to /local, default - Access to chat, default
    chatbox.color - Allows player to use color codes (&a, &l, etc) - Access to /chatbox
    chatbox.mute - Access to /cmute
    chatbox.mute.exempt - Prevents the player from being muted
    chatbox.reload - Allows access to /chatbox reload

    This plugin is still in development!

    If you find any bugs or glitches, I would be more than happy to fix them for you, please just contact me before giving a bad rating. I might only update once a week, so please allow for 1 week for a bug to be fixed. ;)
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