ChatBubbles 1.6

Adds chatbubbles to your server.

  1. 1.9 Support added!

    Since the sound names in 1.9 have changed you'll have to change BubbleProperties.Sound here's a list of the new sound names.

    Hope you like the new update :)
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  2. fixed.

    + Added: Permission for the sounds.
  3. Fixes some bugs.

    ~ Fixed: Chatbubbles will follow you around again.
    + Improved performance.
    - Removed: A debug message.
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  4. Re-Added A height option.

    + Added: A height option in the config, [WARNING] only works when StickToHead is set to false.
    + Added: A StickToHead option in the config, [WARNING] if set to true Height wont work.
  5. New Update! (Fixes teleport bug and adds a dependecy)

    ~ Fixed: You can now teleport while a chatbubble is active.
    - Removed: Bubbleheight config option, will be added again in a feature release.
    + Added: HologramsAPI dependency. without this the plugin wont work!
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  6. Fixed Teleport bug.

    ~ Fixed: Bug with teleportation.
  7. New exciting update :D (MySQL, Fixes and kinda reintroduced bubbleheight :))

    + Added: MySQL Support for /cb toggle suggested by @Refornm
    ~ Fixed: Restart Bug found by @RoboMWM
    + Added: Higher config option set it to true for a higher chat bubble.
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  8. Improvements!

    + ChatBubbles now stick to your head!
    + Added Particles for when a player chats permission: chatbubbles.particles
    - Removed HolographicsDisplay dependency
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  9. Some sound features :D

    + SoundVolume configoption.
    + SoundPitch configoption.

    Thanks to @Refornm for requesting this :D

    More updates coming soon!
  10. Massive update!

    A complete recode! :D

    The old code was messy, so I decided to recode the whole plugin.
    Some old features got removed, but I will add them back as soon as possible.

    Hope you folks like the new recode.

    Fun fact: the recode has 99% less bugs and 99% less errors :D
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