ChatChan 1.0

Chat and DM suite for Bukkit/Spigot

  1. ActuallySasha
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    ChatChan is an up to date, simple chat and DM suite for Minecraft, aimed at survival servers.

    Place ">" as the first character in a chat message to greentext it (like on 4chan)

    /w,whisper,tell,msg <player> <message> - DM a message to another player

    /r <msg> - reply to whomever last messaged you

    /l <msg> - send a message to whomever you messaged last

    /ignore <player> -permanently hide a other player's messages and DM's
    (re-run command to unignore)

    /ignorelist - view all ignored players.

    /togglechat - hide chat completely until you relog or rerun the cmd

    Currently there are no configuration options however the next update will feature a full config to customise the whisper template/turn off greentext etc.