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Make your donators and staff interact with each other!

  1. Haoiscoll
    Haoiscoll,coolfire02,All Staff Of VortexPrison.
    Ever wanted your server's staff and donators to interact with each other in chat?

    Well, now it's all possible with this script!

    ChatChannels Feature List
    > 100% custom configuration!
    > Easy and lightweight!
    > Active developer!
    > No grammar mistakes!
    > Fun for your server!
    > Awesome commands! ( Soon will be adding more )
    > Can be used on ANY type of server, as long you have Skript installed!

    /ChatChannels Help - Display the help page!
    /ChatChannels Staff - Chat with the other online staff!
    /ChatChannels Donator - Chat with the other online donators!
    /ChatChannels Leave - Leave the chat channel you're currently in!
    /ChatChannels Reload - Reloads the script!
    Note > You can also use the /cc command if you think /chatchannels is too long!

    Dependencies (Compulsary)
    Skript 2.1.2 OR 2.2

    How To Upload this script to your server
    First, install Skript onto your server.
    Next, go to the server's FTP, then find the folder /plugins.
    Click inside the folder /plugins, scroll down, and you should find another file called Skript.
    Open it and there should be a folder named scripts inside.
    Open the folder scripts.
    There, you can upload this skript!
    Restart the server OR Do /sk reload all and that's it!

    Issues with the Skript? Add the developer at haoiscoll on Skype or just private message the developer right here, on Spigot!

    What is Skript?

    Skript is a plugin for plugin developers of MineCraft that haven't mastered Java yet. The plugin Skript itself wouldn't cause any lag on your server unless your server's packed with many plugins. So please don't go around saying that Skript lags cause it doesn't. Thanks For Understanding.

    Why do I use Skript, not Java?

    As said above, Skript is for plugin developers of MineCraft that haven't mastered Java YET. I am one of them >_<. But I WILL learn Java soon, so please be patient! One day this Skript might turn into a .jar! So stay tuned!

    IP > < JOIN NOW!

    Check out my other Skripts!

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    Thanks for downloading! <3
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Recent Reviews

  1. coolfire02
    Version: V1.0
    Wonderful channel plugin. First ive seen on spigot using skript and it is amazingly great and efficient :) love ur plugins keep up the good work!
  2. Decalers
    Version: V1.0
    Very useful script, seems like something that you would need on a big pretty large server. The idea is also pretty unique, haven't seen many of these scripts here before.
    1. Haoiscoll
      Author's Response
      Thanks for commenting, hope you'll enjoy the script! I'll be improving this script once I have the chance, which is quite soon.
  3. TheBluesMaster
    Version: V1.0
    Another awesome script by Haoiscoll, keep up the good work dude! Will always support you <3 #HaoRocks
    1. Haoiscoll
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the constant support bro <3