ChatClear 2.2

A simple plugin that clears globle chat, your chat, and other players chats

  1. jkl123m14
    Hello everyone!

    This is my first plugin I have post to the public.

    I am Jamie or jkl123m14
    I am a new plugin coder so this is not the best plugin
    Hope you enjoy!


    /globalchatclear or /gcc Desc: Clears global chat
    Permission: cc.globalchatclear

    /playerchatclear or /pcc Desc: Clears player chat
    Permission: cc.playerchatclear

    /clearplayerchat <playername> or /cpc <playername>
    Desc: Clear a players chat permission: cc.clearotherplayerschats

    /setgloablchatclearmsg or /sgcc Desc: Set's global clear chat message. Permssion: cc.setglobalchatclearmsg

    / setplayerchatclearmsg or /spcc Desc: Set's player clear chat message.
    Permission: cc.setplayerchatclearmsg

    /clearchatreload or /ccr Desc: Reloads the config.
    Permission: cc.reload

    If there are any bugs please comment down below.

    Hope everyone enjoys my plugin!
    Code (Text):
    # Set global clear message.
    SetGlobalClearMessage: Global chat has been cleared.

    # Set the player clear chat message.
    SetPlayerClearMessage: Your chat has been cleared.
    Hoping to add:
    Tell me in the comments! :D

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