ChatClear 2.2

A simple plugin that clears globle chat, your chat, and other players chats

  1. Update #12

    Should work with java 7 and java 8.
    If you have any problems pm me right away so I can fix them.
  2. Update #11

    More BUGS!!
    The plugin should be working now :D
  3. Update #10

    Some Bug fixes
  4. Update #9

    The message for SetPlayerClearMessage is now connected with the command /clearplayerchat <player>

    What me to add anything comment on it!
  5. Update #8

    Added some notes in the config.
  6. Update #7

    I added a new command to reload to config if the messages does not update when you add them. Also I am posting a new plugin when this plugin hits 50 dowloads this plugin is still buggy but it does good!
    New Command:
    /clearchatreload or /ccr Desc: Reloads the config.
    Permission: cc.reload
  7. Update #6

    I have fixed were you do /cpc <playername> it clears your chat now when your do it it clears the targeted player chat.
  8. Update #5

    Sorry for the spaming updates but this should be the last one for a little bit.
    Added: New command /clearplayerchat <playername> or /cpc <playername> Clear a players chat permission: cc.clearotherplayerschats also copy over your config to a folder called clearchat this is because I changed the name of the plugin sorry.
  9. Update #4

    Added color support Note don't use ยง for color use & instead.
  10. Update #3

    Massive update I added a config and some commands so you can change the message in game!