ChatColor 1.8+ 1.0

This plugin allows players to change their chat color to different colors, as well as bold, italics

  1. cxXaviXxc
    This plugin allows players to change their chat color to different colors, as well as bold, italics etc. Updated regularly.

    • Change the color of the server chat!
    • Create the color, and style that you want! Now supporting four modifiers, widening your customization of your chat!
    • Change your chat to light blue and bold or dark red, italic and underlined! You can even go as far as italic, bold, underlined and light purple!
    • One simple command, and you can change your color with a single click with the new GUI!
    • Change everyone's chat, or just your own!
    • Change an individual player's chat color!
    • Only let people use certain colors!
    • Check your own chat color, or check someone elses!
    • Every aspect has a permission, so you can give players exactly what you want them to have permission for!
    • Supporting all Bukkit / Minecraft color codes, including bold, italics, and others!
    • Colour console messages :) (Not that it matters :p )
    • An active author - I will almost always be here to answer questions or add new features!
    Permission Description
    chatcolor.use Allows use of the plugin. Other permissions are still needed for commands etc.
    chatcolor.change.self Allows use of '/chatcolor <color>' to change their own chat color.
    chatcolor.change.others Allows use of '/chatcolor <player> <color>' to change another player's chat color. Allows use of '/chatcolor global <color>' to change every online player's chat color.
    chatcolor.change.modifiers Allows use of the optional [modifier] parameter at the end of every command. e.g. '/chatcolor <color> [modifier]'
    chatcolor.change.modifiers.multiple Allows the use of multiple optional [modifier] parameters at the end of setting their own chat color.
    chatcolor.checkcolor.self Allows use of '/chatcolor check' to check their own chat color.
    chatcolor.checkcolor.others Allows use of '/chatcolor check <player>' to check another player's chat color.
    chatcolor.colors.<color> Allows the use of the specified color.
    chatcolor.colors.* Allows the use of all colors.
    chatcolor.modifiers.<modifier> Allows the use of the specified modifier.
    chatcolor.modifiers.* Allows the use of all modifiers.
    chatcolor.checkupdates Allows use of' '/chatcolor updates' to view the latest update log.
    chatcolor.gui Allows use of '/chatcolor gui' to set their chatcolor through a GUI menu.
    • Key: <param> - Required Parameter. [param] - Optional parameter. See below for parameter explanations.
    • /chatcolor [player/global] <color> [modifier] [modifier] [modifier] [modifier] - Changes a chat color; theirs, another player's, or the global chat color, with four optional modifiers!
    • /chatcolor check [player] - Tells the sender their current chat color, or another player's chat color, in color.
    • /chatcolor updates - Sends the sender the latest update log.
    • /chatcolor gui - Opens the GUI menu for color selection.
    • Note: To use the [modifier] or [player] parameters, as well as the gui and update log, you have to have the required permission. See above for details on permissions.
    • [global] Optional Parameter: - Used to set the chat color of everyone on the server.
    • [player] Optional Parameter: - Used to set the chat color of a specific player. [player] should be replaced by a player's name.
    • [modifier] Optional Parameter: - Used to add a modifier to a color, e.g. Bold (l), Italics (o) or Underlined (n).
    • <color> Required Parameter: - Specifies the color to set the respective chat/s to.
    Bukkit Color Codes:

    • a - Light Green
    • b - Light Blue
    • c - Light Red
    • d - Light Purple
    • e - Light Yellow
    • f - White
    • 0 - Black
    • 1 - Dark Blue
    • 2 - Dark Green
    • 3 - Blue
    • 4 - Dark Red
    • 5 - Purple
    • 6 - Gold
    • 7 - Grey
    • 8 - Dark Grey
    • 9 - Blue

    • k - Obfuscated, constanty switches with symbols of the same size. Otherwise known as 'spinning' text.
    • l - Bold
    • m - Strikethrough
    • n - Underlined
    • o - Italics
    Planned Features:
    • Language Setting - Easy to add, if anyone can give me a good translation of the messages, it would be appreciated!

Recent Reviews

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    Version: 1.0
    Excellent plugin! Please add language support as soon as possible, thank you. You're an awesome plugin developer!
    Version: 1.0
    Hey very Cool Plugin!!
    And i´m German so I could give you a translation. I am a Nativespeaker.
  3. FantasyMM
    Version: 1.0
    how can i change the prefix
    pls? and its a great plugin btw! REPLY ASAP pls and thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. DiamondMouse
    Version: 1.0
    Works great :) Uptodate 1.8.8 easy to use chat commands, no hassle plugin works flawlessly and doesn't glitch at all