ChatColorPlus 1.4

Set your chat color!

  1. ExWhyZed
    This plugin allows players to change their chat color to different colors, as well as bold, italics etc.

    • Create the color, and style that you want!
    • Supporting all Bukkit / Minecraft color codes, including bold, italics, and others.
    • Set Nicknames!
    • An active author - I will almost always be here to answer questions or add new features!

    or /cc (Main Help Command)
    /ColorChat ColorList or /cc cl (List colors)
    /ColorChat FormatList or /cc fl (List formats)
    /ColorChat set <color> or /cc set <color> (Set your chat color)
    /ColorChat set <color> <format> (Set your chat color and format. Optional)
    /ColorChat Reset (Changes the Players chat color to the default)
    /Nickname <NewName> (Set your nickname)
    /ColorChat reload or /c r (Reload the plugins config)

    Use ColorChat.color to allow a Player to set their chat color
    Use to allow a Player to chat with color
    Use ColorChat.nick to allow a Player to set their nickname
    Use ColorChat.reset to allow a Player to reset their chat color
    Use ColorChat.reload to allow a Player to reload the plugin

    Please Donate to show your support and keep this small project going...

Recent Reviews

  1. Elijah
    Version: 1.2
    Oh, awesome, simple! But please add custom messages, and a command to reset your chat color back to what you had before :)
    1. ExWhyZed
      Author's Response
      Thankyou for the rating and review! I will add that in the next update :)