ChatColors v.1.8 Alpha

The players can chat with a specified color!

  1. 1Tudor1
    F.A.Q. :
    • What the plugin do? The players on your server can chat withcolors
    • What is useful for? For a server witch you want to be more colorful
    • Why should i download this? Because it's a 'fix' of the EssentialsChat plugin (for me doesn't work chat color)
    1. Chat with color
    2. Fully configurable
    3. Reloadable Config
    Planned Addons:
    • Add more ranks (if you add one more in config, the plugin doesn't take that. i will add this)
    • Suggest me on skype or pm me: tudor.niculae10


    Config File
    Code (Text):
    # Config for ChatColors by 1Tudor1
      player: '2'
      vip: '5'
      builder: 'a'
      premium: '7'
      legend: '7'
      elite: '7'
      dev: 'e'
      moderator: 'b'
      admin: '4'
      owner: 'c'