ChatCommands 1.1.0

Send commands without / . Just write the command in the chat :D

  1. DrBenana


    You don't need anymore to use slash for commands!
    You can write them in the chat!

    For Example:
    tell DrBenana Hey -- Converted to --> /tell DrBenana Hey

    But you don't need to get worried if you don't write command in the chat.

    For Example:
    LALALALALLA -- isn't converted.... --> LALALALALLA

    Commands && Permissions

    /cct | toggle the plugin for the commands sender | ChatCommands.cctoggle

    The main permission is ChatCommands.* .
    But you can add permission per command:

    You can add anti-permission also (The anti permission is stronger than the main permission):

    Note: You need to add the command permission also. Else, you'll get error of "You don't have permission" when you will run the command.​
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Recent Updates

  1. Added the option to toggle the plugin.

Recent Reviews

  1. OriMiner
    Version: 1.0.0
    This plugin can make a lot of problems.
    If the admin want to say something and his first word is actually a command than whats happen? I hope you understand.
    anyway, nice idea thanks :)