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  1. 5.8.7

    Note: Due to large changes in the variable system, this version is marked as beta.

    Important: The new variable names are not automatically migrated, you'll have to rename them by yourself. You can use Notepad++ and use mass search and replace to make the process the fastest.
    • Improve | Changed chat variables to completely solve all problems with the old %variablename syntax. The current system is now equal to the ChatControl Pro version where you write {variable_name} instead.
    • How to migrate: Most renames are obvious, such as to simply rename %player to {player}, however there were some styling changes as well:
      • %displayname to {display_name}
      • %countrycode to {country_code}
      • %countryname to {country_name}
      • %regionname to {region_name}
      • %tabname to {tab_name}
      • %perm to {permission}
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