ChatControl™ - The Ultimate Chat Plugin [500,000+ Downloads] [1.2.5 - 1.15.2] 5.8.7

The legendary chat plugin. Incredible solution for ads, swear, caps, spam, bots & more!

  1. 5.8.7

    Note: Due to large changes in the variable system, this version is marked as beta.

    Important: The new variable names are not automatically migrated, you'll have to rename them by yourself. You can use Notepad++ and use mass search and replace to make the process the fastest.
    • Improve | Changed chat variables to completely solve all problems...
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  2. 5.8.6

    • Fix | Solved players being able to use color codes in chat formatter despite not having* permissions.
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  3. 5.8.5

    • Improve | Print an error instead of fail if during scanning of your files for update some files have improper encoding. When this happens you will see a log in your console but the plugin will keep functioning. Do not report this, read this article on how to fix it on your end, thank you.
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  4. 5.8.4

    • Improve | You can now reload the plugin using "/chc rl" as well as the old "/chc r".
    • Misc | Added a few debug messages (hidden by default) about PlaceholderAPI.
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  5. 5.8.3

    • Fix | Removed a forgotten debug message "API found" from the last update.
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  6. 5.8.2

    • Improve | Updated PlaceholderAPI integration to work with the newest version.
    • Fix | Made the plugin correctly leave % in the chat format message.
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  7. 1.14 compatibility note

    This is just a quick note, ChatControl free fully supports Minecraft 1.14.1. Please use our latest version.
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  8. 5.8.1

    • Improve | Variables resolving geographic location from player's IP no longer throw errors when the geolocation server is unreachable, instead, we simply return an empty string.
    • Fix | Solved updater not working since 5.8.0. It is no longer possible to download the update but we will now inform you about new versions when they are ready.
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  9. 5.8.0

    Big news: ChatControl has been acquired by MineAcademy, a new educational platform for Minecraft. All functionality remains the same however you can expect more quality updates in the future as well as better, faster customer support.

    This is the initial MineAcademy release. All classes have been repackaged to contain "org.mineacademy". There were no significant breaking changes so we consider this release stable.

    Please note that assets, graphics as well as Overview of this plugin have...
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  10. 5.7.3

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    • Improve | The Reset_Cache_On_Quit option now removes the player cache permanently, preventing memory leaks.
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