ChatControl™ - The Ultimate Chat Plugin [500,000+ Downloads] [1.2.5 - 1.15.2] 5.8.7

The legendary chat plugin. Incredible solution for ads, swear, caps, spam, bots & more!

  1. v5.4.2

    • Improved the performance and stability of the inbuilt domain filter for anti-caps.
  2. v5.4.1

    • Compiled with Java 7.
  3. v5.4.0

    • Better Essentials hook. Added an extra check to make sure no custom Essentials is hooked (where the API can be altered/missing)
  4. v5.3.9

    ~ PF 2017
    • Compatible with Minecraft 1.10.x.
    • Compiled with Java 8.
    • Updated in-game labels for the next year.
  5. v5.3.8

    • Made compatible with latest AuthMe 5.2.
  6. v5.3.7

    Enjoyed? Write me a ☆☆☆☆☆ review for motivation to further development!
    • Fixed domain capitalization when the domain contains characters like "?".
    • The lost fix. (I pushed it some time ago but did not keep the note of it.)
  7. v5.3.6

    • Fixed logic in the 'ignore event' operator in rules.
  8. v5.3.5

    RECORD: 300.000 Downloads as of 03.08.2016! I am so grateful to You for making this milestone happen!
    • Corrected typos in default rules file chat.txt as noticed by @locknlol
  9. v5.3.4

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  10. v5.3.3

    • Revised all rules files. Corrected grammar, moved rules that are commented out to the bottom, added blocking of 'faggot' and edited some default rules (e.g. wanna -> 'want to')
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