ChatControl™ - The Ultimate Chat Plugin [500,000+ Downloads] [1.2.5 - 1.15.2] 5.8.7

The legendary chat plugin. Incredible solution for ads, swear, caps, spam, bots & more!

  1. v5.3.2

    • Improved 'ignore string' operator. Now ignores uppercased messages.
    • Fixed 'ignore gamemode' operator.
  2. v5.3.1

    • Downstreamed a feature allowing the use of \n character on system configurations on which it from unknown reasons cannot be used.
      • To enable, Set Enforce_New_Line to true in settings.yml
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  3. v5.3.0

    • [Misc] Make default sound names in configuration dynamically work on both 1.9 and older versions.
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  4. v5.2.9

    • [Improve] Changed the default value in settings.yml to ensure default installation is compatible with 1.9.
      • Current users will need to change the CHICKEN_EGG_POP sound name in settings.yml (TIP: Use ctrl + f to search) to ENTITY_CHICKEN_EGG. (or, if you changed the name, then you will need to change it appropiatelly)
      • Plugin is still compatible with 1.9x, 1.8x, 1.7x and probably also 1.6x versions.
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  5. v5.2.8

    • Backported the ability to unpack packet messages. This allows for much more efficient packet filters, catching coloured messages.
      • Spigot 1.7.10 or greater is required.
    • Improved header in settings.yml
  6. v5.2.7

    The version number has not changed, you don't need to update.
    • Improved the domain and IP filter.
      • The rules.txt file where the filters are located won't be updated automatically. Please review the changes here and edit the filters on your own.
  7. v5.2.7

    • Fixed support for the latest dev. builds of AuthMe-Reloaded.
      • Older 5.x builds are still supported, but not the 3.5 version.
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  8. v5.2.6

    • Added dutch localization (nl) thanks to @sander0542.
    • Fixed error on EssentialsX when player has not any reply recipient.
    • Backported improvement which returns the player actual name when the %nick variable is used and the player has not any nick, rather than a whitespace.
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  9. v5.2.5

    • Added support for EssentialsX. Original Essentials is still supported.
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  10. v5.2.4

    • Added new variable, %faction, which will get player's faction name.
      • Currently only supports the free version of the Factions plugin.
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