ChatControl [GERMAN/ENGLISH] 1.3

ChatControl with Ingame support!

  1. Itunarlis
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    German, English
    In this skript you can easily change the permissions and messages in the options. Ingame you can add, remove or list insults. For now the chat message won't appear. If you want me to add a specific feature like muting the player PN me. If you know what to do you can of course make that on your own. I love you all! Pizza

    Code (Text):
        aliases: /c
        noperm: &7You don't have the permission to execute this command
        arg2missing: &7Please insert an insult
        alreadyin: &7This insult already exists
        succesfullyput: &7You succesfully added the insult: &6%arg-2%
        succesfullyremove: &7You succesfully removed the insult: &6%arg-2%
        notexisting: &7This insult does not exist
        upline: &8---<&cChatControl&8>---
        line1: &c/chat &7add &6[Text]
        line2: &c/chat &7remove &6[Text]
        line3: &c/chat &7list
        downline: &8---<&cChatControl&8>---
    Code (Text):
    on chat:
        if message contains {insults::*}:
            cancel event
            #do stuff

Recent Updates

  1. I just did everything painly wrong.
  2. Added Auto-Mute!
  3. Fixed messages